How to Find and Connect Undetected Printer on Linux


Linux is still pretty much an open-source Operating Software that’s previous to many internet users today. It is also used to run business networks large and small these days.

If you’re using your Linux with a new printer and it fails to auto-detect it, the following guide will help to find and manually connect your printer so that work can begin.

Getting Started

Today, some printers can be connected easily to a Linux computer. But in some cases, printer manufacturers may not get it right on how their systems interact with computers. For those who get it, their printers may be auto-detected without any effort on the part of the user.

If you’re making use of GNOME or KDE, the article here also can help when you have a problem connecting your printer to your Linux.

Check Printer Drivers

It is important to first examine if the Linux computer has updated drivers. This step must be taken before a user tries to operate a printer on the computer.

The best printer drivers are open-source, seeing that Linux itself is an open-source OS. There are over 700 of these drivers available, and configuring them raises the chances that the printer will automatically be detected.

Linus Printer
Install Linus Printer

Know More About Printer Drivers

There exist three varieties of printer drivers. One is open source or Gutenprint drivers that are bundled with Linux. It comes as an installable package. Another one is the set of drivers provided by printer manufacturers. Apart from that, there are other drivers created by third-party companies.

If you use a Linux operating system, your best bet is to look to open source drivers but you can also try any of these other varieties. They will but not always auto-connected. You may have to connect them manually.

Common Unix Printing System (CUPS)

This is software that enables your printer to work with your Linux OS. Till now, it is the basis for printing on Linux and there is the customized interface for CUPS. Once your computer and printer are linked through USB, it is possible that the connection will be automatic.

Manually Add Printer on Linux

Linus Printer 1

You need to attach both computer and printer together, then power them on. After that, open the Activities screen. Then open the Printers application.

If your printer is already connected, you will see it. In that case, just begin to print your documents.

If you didn’t see your printer listed, click on Printers application. At the top right corner of that application page, you will see Unlock button. Click on it. You will be prompted to enter the administrative password. Enter it and the button will change to Add button. Click on the Add button.

Linux Printer 3

You will see that your computer searches for the attached printers. If you have other printers on the network, you could just add the IP address to connect them. It may be possible for you to see a list of these printers. If you connect to one that is not fully connected, your printer will not work.


In some cases, people have bought printers and returned them to sellers, thinking they don’t work. Using the guide above can help you to connect almost any printer manually to a Linux computer.


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