How to find and download filters for your Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories
Instagram Stories

Instagram is one of the most powerful social networks in the world, and Stories are undoubtedly its forte. The filters are protagonists, and the application has been renovated to make it easier for us to find them. The system still has limitations, because among other things there is no search engine that simplifies the process; However, what we do have is a complete panel that acts as a filter explorer for Stories, like a gallery where all of them are.

The social network Instagram introduced the Stories to deal with Snapchat and not only stood up to it, but took the position away. And as we advanced, much of the fault is the filters of the Instagram Stories. It’s something that Mark Zuckerberg’s company can’t stop working on. And among the changes that have been added is the one we mentioned, an explorer that lets us see a preview of how they work and, of course, find new filters created by the community. These two are the ways we have to get filters for Stories.

How to use the Filter Explorer for Instagram Stories

You simply have to open the Instagram application and go, how could it be otherwise, to the Stories. You can do this by ‘clicking’ on your profile photo at the top left, or by sliding the screen to the left. When you are here you will see the main or secondary camera; what you have to do is click on one of the filters and below you will see its name with an arrow that also points down. Click there and select the option Explore effects.

The Effects Gallery will automatically open. At the top, you have the sections Instagram, Selfies, Love, Color and Light, Camera Styles, Moods, Fun, Environment, Animals, Sci-Fi and Fantasy, Weird and Creepy, Events, Hobbies, and Causes. These are all the available sections, and when you choose one you will see that the gallery changes to show you the corresponding category. Now, you would simply have to select one to open its preview.

We will give it to ‘try’, and that’s it. If we want to save it, we will click on its name and the arrow pointing downwards and, from the options that appear, we will select Save in the camera. That is, exactly the same process as before, but clicking on ‘save in camera’ instead of selecting the access to ‘explore effects’ again. The other way is as simple as, when you see a Story from any of your contacts, click just below their name so that the same filter that you have used is displayed in your Stories.

How to search filters by names

One feature that Instagram lacked and that many users hailed was that filters could be searched manually. Until now, it could only be added from other stories uploaded to the social network or from the browser that has divided the filters by categories. Two quite useful ways but that fell short if that desired effect did not appear anywhere.

For some time and several updates, it is possible to search by key names the many filters. In this way, Instagram has included a magnifying glass in the app’s own browser. Therefore, there are only a few simple steps to take:

  1. Access the Stories and slide to the left until you reach the end of all the filters.
  2. In the same browser, click on the magnifying glass located in the upper right and search for a word.

If you are interested in knowing some of the best filters that are currently used the most, we are going to leave some of them so that they can be directly searched by words in the magnifying glass. Some of them are the following:

  • Bighead
  • Friends Character
  • Eye BB
  • Mood
  • Heaven
  • Freckles or freckles
  • Queens
  • Arachnophobia
  • Harry Potter Test
  • Filipearantes 2.0


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