How To Find Solution To No Service On Samsung Galaxy J3


A very common drag with the Samsung Galaxy J3 is that owners are sometimes faced with a No Service error.

This problem is identical to when Galaxy J3 is not registered on a network. You are advised to know how to restore IMEI number and rectify no signal error before proceeding with this article since that should normally fix the No Service problem on a Samsung Galaxy J3.

Reasons For Samsung Galaxy J3 No Service Error

The major reason for the No Service Error on the Samsung Galaxy J3 device is the radio signal being disabled. The signal sometimes disables itself when there is a problem with the WiFi or GPS.

How To Rectify Samsung Galaxy No Service

To go about this, follow these guidelines:

  1. Head to the dial pad.
  2. Type in *#*#4636#*#* Do not bother to tap send as it does that itself.
  3. Enter Service mode.
  4. Tap Device information or Phone information.
  5. Select Run Ping Test.
  6. Tap the Turn Radio Off button, and your device will restart.
  7. Select Reboot.

Fix IMEI Number

When there is a No Service error on will the Galaxy J3, most times it happens due to a nulled or unknown IMEI number. Ensure you have the knowledge to check if the IMEI number on your Samsung Galaxy phone is nulled or a corrupt one:

Change SIM Card

The SIM card can also be a hindrance causing the No Service message, and by checking to confirm if the SIM card is inserted properly or you do away with the old SIM and purchase a new one. This can take away the No Service error n the phone. Follow these guidelines to remove the SIM:

  1. With the Samsung Galaxy J3 turned upside down, make use of the notch in the upper-left edge to take out the battery cover.
  2. Make use of the notch in the lower-right corner of the battery to remove it.
  3. Get the SIM card out of the slot safely.


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