How To Fix Android Updating Issue


Like several modern devices, Android phones and tabs need to periodically install updates in order to perform at their best capacity. But if your Android phone is not receiving updates, it might be a sign of a bigger issue.

This tutorial is for those who are battling this problem and have no clue as to why it is happening. The solution is simple, but its causes must be known before anything else, and we have you covered below. The updating issue will be a thing of the past when we highlight the reasons for the problem.

If your Android mobile phone is not updating, it has to do with a problem with the phone. Knowing the problem will definitely help you to decipher where the issue started and how to rectify it. See How To Fix Android Updating Issue:

1. Your Network Connection Is Not Strong Enough

Fix Android Updating Issue

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Android phones have to be connected to Wi-Fi or mobile data in order to successfully complete an update. Confirm your wireless connection and try again. The issue would be rectified once the network connection is strong.

2. Your Phone Is Too Old

Some Android phones that are way too old might stop updating because updates have are no longer created for such models. For instance, if you own a Samsung Galaxy device from 2014, your device will most likely fail to receive updates because of the presence of the fresher Galaxy S10 models. In such instances, if you want to update your system, you need to purchase a newer device.

3. Your Phone Does Not Have Enough Power To Complete An Update

Fix Android Updating Issue
Because updates can require a lengthy period to complete, several devices need to have a specific amount of battery power before updating can happen. This is to make sure the phone won’t shut down before the update is wrapped up. Ensure your phone is plugged into its charger until it is completely charged and then update.

4. Your Phone Does Not Have Enough Storage To Complete An Update

Fix Android Updating Issue

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Updates generally need more storage space to be completed successfully. If your Android phone is not updating and your storage space is filled up, it is best to delete some applications you do not use or huge files like pictures and clips.

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