How To Fix Apple iPhone X Screen Wont Rotate Problem

iPhone Settings
iPhone Settings

We will be giving you some tips you can use to fix Apple iPhone X Screen if it wont rotate when turned. The iPhone X has been released and the praises as well as the complaints have been trooping in. One of which being that the screen of the iPhone X screen won’t rotate.

Everyone is bound to make mistakes, even the big and might Apple. Few devices, including Apple, Samsung, and other tech giant products come with software and hardware problems. It is normal to try and solve those problems. But if it turns out to be a hardware problem, then you would need to take it to experts. In order to fix the problem as we have no expertise in that area.

Hopefully, one of the tips in this article will help you fix Apple iPhone X Screen won’t Rotate Problem. Without having to take it to a phone expert.

How To Fix Apple iPhone X Screen won’t Rotate Problem

Screen Rotation Locked – The number one way to fix apple iPhone X screen won’t rotate problem would be to obviously check if screen rotation is locked. If the screen Rotate is locked then maybe you forgot that you locked it at some point or some one else locked it. To check if it is locked. Swipe Up The Control Center >> Click On it Lock Icon With a Circle around it at the top right corner of the control center. This should fix the problem but if does not, then move to the next one.

Check A Different App – It might be that the app you are desperately trying to get to rotate. Simply does not support landscape mode. Not all the apps on the iOS support the landscape mode. No matter what you do it just won’t rotate. So it would be wise to test several other apps you have installed. Just to see if the rotating screen problem is on the phone or just for a single app only.

Turn Off Display Zoom – if your display zoom is turned on, then it might be the culprit that is interfering with the rotation on your iPhone X. Most iPhone users often turn on to the display zoom to help increase the app icons for optimal visibility. Some might not even notice that this feature is turned on. To Check if the feature is turned on following the steps below:

⚫ Navigate to Settings.

⚫ Click on Display & Brightness.

⚫ Inside the display and brightness section, You should see View and the mode it is in. Whether it is Standard or Zoomed.

⚫ If it is in Zoomed, then you might want to change it to Standard and save the new settings.

Still Having The Problem?

If you still have the rotating screen problem even after trying out the above methods. Then it might be a hardware problem rather software. The accelerometer which is responsible for the movement of the device might be broken or totally damage. So you might want to take your device to an apple store or apple center for a hardware repair.

Taking it to an ordinary phone technician might also be an option as long the person is trusted, and not someone that will fix the accelerometer and spoil something else in order to keep you coming back for more repairs.


Hopefully, the methods in this article help you solve your problem without the need to contact a phone technician or take it to a nearby apple store. On the hand, if you have done all these without results and you are about to take your device to a technician. Make sure he is trusted, I can’t stress this enough.



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