How To Fix Facebook That Keeps Crashing On Android?


Going by Facebook’s popularity and status in the social networking world, one would think they’ll give us an app that will never crash, but how wrong we are. At times, the apps functions amazingly and it is very stable, but some other times, its just an epitome of frustration. Luckily though, we have some steps you can take to end the Facebook crashing on Android problem and how you can bring it back when it crashes. Join me on our journey to achieving that.

Even if several users are migrating from Facebook to Instagram or Snapchat, there are still a lot of individuals that rely on Mark Zuckerberg’s baby. That means a lot of annoying crashes daily for a lot of users. TechVaz is here to take away that annoyance away, you’re welcome.

End Facebook Crashing On Android

There are restrictions to what can be done if the app itself is buggy, therefore steps have to be taken to decrease the probability of it happening when we are receiving or making calls, chatting away or sharing an update.

1. Update Facebook

Facebook gets updated from time to time on Android and iOS, therefore, it is important to always look out for its updated version. A lot gets rectified to fix a buggy Facebook app when you have its latest version. The Google Play is where you have to check for an update. Or you can just set it to update itself automatically.

2. Log Out And Log In

Logging out and in again might seem like an easy option to attempt but trust me, it does the job as per getting rid of any file Facebook makes use of within a session. Several Facebook users cherish this.

  1. Simply launch your Facebook app and select the 3 line menu icon in the top right.
  2. Choose Log Out in the next page.
  3. Shut down the application and relaunch it.
  4. Login again.

This may be all you need to get rid of any constant crashing.

3. Restart The App

Restarting the app can end the crashing too. This is not you launching it from your app drawer, this is you ensuring the process is not running in the background and then starting the Facebook app.

  1. Access Settings and App on your phone.
  2. Choose Facebook and Force Close if the option is visible.

If the Force Close is nowhere to be found, that tells you Facebook crashed but the process is still running. If you started the application without getting this done then it might not start and will definitely crash once more.

4. Clear Facebook Cache

When Facebook crashes all the time, you can clear the cache to fix it. This will instantly clear out the memory and temporary files the app makes use of for its operation. If any of the files has been corrupted or is the reason behind the crash, a refresh with a new file can rectify it.

  1. Access Settings and Apps on your phone.
  2. Choose Facebook and Storage.
  3. Select Clear Cache and Clear Data.

The precise position of this option will be different on phones as it is according to the manufacturer of your device and Android OS version. I believe it should be inside the app menu. Getting rid of the cache and stored data is a very effective way of preventing several Android applications from crashing, and Facebook is no exception.

5. Phone Reboot

If just Facebook keeps crashing, it might be an over-reaction to reboot your entire phone. But since our only solution after step 5 is to reinstall Facebook, try this. Perform a complete restart of your phone and retest. It might work.

6. Reinstall Facebook

The last option is kinda our last resort here but our hands are tied, as there are no more fixes for this Facebook problem. Getting rid of the app on your phone, rebooting and then installing another copy of Facebook can provide solution any troubles you might be facing with its constant crashing.

Asides all these options listed, you can also try Facebook Lite. It is more stable and you do not get spied on as much as the normal Facebook.


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