How To Fix GPS Problem On The Samsung Galaxy S9 And S9 Plus

Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus 2
Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus 2

We will be helping you fix your GPS problem on your Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus in this article so make sure to follow through to the end.

After the new smartphone has been thrown out into the market. There are two things to be expected. One being the introduction of new and exciting features. The other being a series of faults and complaints by the end users.

Its either there is a software problem or a hardware defects. This causes the users of the said smartphone to look for solutions both online and offline. In some cases, where the problem is affecting a great number of people’s the smartphone. The manufacturers might decide to recall the devices and refund their customer at the detriment of the company’s pocket.

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That is why smartphone manufacturers do their due diligence and try as much as possible to reduce or completely eliminate defects on their device. They know that If they don’t, it will definitely affect their sales and subsequently their profits.

So when the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus was released we knew that they were gonna be faults and complaints. Hopefully, it will be a minor fault on the software and not hardware that can be fixed by a work around or with a new update from Samsung. Not an hardware problem that requires the expertise of a phone technician.

Thankfully, so far the problems that have been reported haven’t been that bad to require a recall of the smartphones by the manufacturer. Unlike the time several Samsung Galaxy Note 7 keeping catching fire or exploding.

The latest of the problems being face by the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus users being the GPS Problem. Do not panic as you’re definitely not the only person experiencing this GPS problem. Hopefully by the end of this article, your GPS problem would be a thing of the past.

How To Fix GPS Problem By Changing GPS Setting To Increase Accuracy

This is perhaps one of the simplest method to fix your GPS problem. Changing your GPS Setting to increase the accuracy will give your device the necessary boost it needs to fully utilize it’s resources. This should enable your device connect to the satellites to be able to pin point your location.

  1. On your Home Screen Select Settings
  2. Scroll down a little and click on Location

  3. In the Location menu Turn On the High Accuracy Mode

This should fix the GPS problem. If it doesn’t fix it, then it might be a hardware problem. The only solution for a hardware problem would be to take the device to a Samsung technician to assist you in fixing it.

To test if the GPS is now fully functional. You’ll have to download the GPS Test App and run it. The app will notify you if your GPS is able connect to the same satellites like other device in the same area.

If the results of the GPS are positive. You’ll have to locate and clear the cache of the respective apps using the GPS. Apps like Google Maps, Uber, Taxify and the rest. To achieve this, follow this steps below:

  1. From Main Menu Click Settings
  • Locate and Tap On Apps Manager

  • Look for the necessary apps and tap the app.

  • Then Clear Cache

  • If the result are negative then your last resort will be to do a factory reset. Remember that this process will completely Wipe The Data On Your Phone. So make sure you back up your data.

    If after doing all of these. It still isn’t working then you have no other choice than to take it to a Samsung technician as it is a hardware problem.


    I don’t really make use of the GPS on my phone that much (Which is not a Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9 Plus). That can’t be said for an Uber or Taxify driver who depend heavily on their GPS for their daily navigation.

    I guess all I’m saying is that the GPS problem would be a deal breaker for some. While for some others, it might not bother them. Either way, Samsung needs to address this issues.


    1. On your Home Screen Select Settings
      Scroll down a little and click on Location
      In the Location menu Turn On the High Accuracy Mode
      I followed these instructions but never found the high accuracy mode button to turn on. Where do I go from here?


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