How To Fix Hashtags Not Working On Instagram?


Instagram’s hashtags can sometimes fail to work and this will drop your reach in ways you will not like. The truth is that dysfunctional hashtags will always hamper your views, likes, and comments. A lot of times, it is caused by your personal mistake and wrong hashtag practices. However, sometimes, a bug or technical issue from Instagram could be responsible.

If you are battling hashtag issues, pls know that every other Instagram user is probably experiencing the same. To break it down nicely and help you with solutions, Let’s see How To Fix Hashtags Not Working On Instagram?:

1. Very Competitive And Popular Hashtags

If you really want to improve your visibility on the gram, you must know the most popular hashtags that will suit your niche. Even if it is wise to use the most competitive hashtags with your posts, it comes with its disadvantages as well.

As your posts attain top spots in recent feeds for the included hashtags, they will get replaced instantly by several other posts with identical hashtags. So, making adjustments to your hashtag strategy might offer you a better shot at having a wider reach. Choose hashtags that are far from being the hottest choice but still remain relevant in your niche.

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2. Repetitive Use Of Hashtags

One major hashtag offense on Instagram is constant repetition. If you have shared a post that was very popular and you made up your mind to apply the same hashtag on subsequent posts, Instagram will serve you the consequences for that action.

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It is possible that you might lose traffic and exposure. You could also get shadowbanned for spamming other accounts. Several posts with similar hashtags is a sign that you are attempting to cheat the system and improve your figures in an unfair manner rather than repeatedly sharing valuable content.

To avoid this, come up with a list of about forty to fifty relevant hashtags that you can rotate between several posts. By so doing, you will be punished by Instagram and you will also be diversifying your posts.

3. Banned Hashtags

Another reason why hashtags could fail to work is that the hashtag is banned. Right now, as I type this, Instagram actually has over 114,000 hashtags.

Naturally, the explicit, violent, and discriminatory hashtags are the only ones that should be banned. However, Instagram also bans totally innocent and unassuming hashtags. For instance, #happythanksgiving, #kansas, #desk are presently banned on the platform.


Some of the new ones that have been banned this year are #mileycyrus, #parties, #prettygirl, #likeforlike, #pushups, #sopretty, #kissing e.t.c.

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4. Your Profile Was Flagged As Spam Or Shadowbanned

Lastly, have you broken the rules severally in the past? Then it is possible that Instagram has marked your account as spam. Or, maybe you got shadowbanned because you were an offender too many times.

When either of these happens, you will still be able to post, but your reach will surely be restricted to the users that are following you already.

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To avoid any potential spam badge or shadowbanning, make sure you read Instagram’s Terms of Use and Community Guidelines. You need to also step up your hashtag moves and enhance the content you’re sharing.

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