How To Fix Headphones Not Working On Mac

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Macs are mostly known for their user-friendliness, however, that does not mean you will never experience certain problems from time to time. In fact, some owners have actually reported issues while they try to apply audio through headphones or other devices connected to their Mac.

Fortunately for you though, there are several ways to rectify this audio bug and the process involved is far from complicated. We break everything down right now by showing you How To Fix Headphones Not Working On Mac:

How Can I Fix Headphones Not Working On My Mac?

If your headphones or external speakers do not work when you connect them to your Mac computer, here are some things you can try to rectify the issue:

  1. Unplug your headphones and connect them to another device like your iPhone or iPad to ensure they are working as intended.
  2. Check the headphone jack for problems. Dusting off the jack and the inner ports of your Mac can help.
  3. Plug the headphones back in while you hold the volume buttons at the same time.
  4. Confirm that the volume controls on your headphones are in order.
  5. Restart your Mac.
  6. Try disabling your Bluetooth. Your Mac might try connecting to a Bluetooth device that isn’t in range.
Fix Headphones Not Working Mac
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If you are still having audio problems after adhering to these instructions, and you are certain that the headphones themselves are not the issue, reach out to Apple for support.

If you have a hardware or software problem that cannot be solved with a quick fix, see remedies below:

1. Choose Audio Output On Mac:

Users can also troubleshoot for problems and rectify the missing audio output by adhering to these simple instructions:

  1. Access the Apple menu and choose “System Preferences.”
  2. Tap “Sound.”
  3. Tap “Output.”
  4. Select “Headphones” as your output device.
  5. Check to ensure the “Mute” box is unticked.
  6. Adjust the sound to your preferred choice.
Fix Headphones Not Working Mac
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When several devices are connected to your Mac, your PC might try to play audio via the wrong device. By manually selecting your audio output device, you should be able to fix the issue.

2. Play Audio From Mac On TV:

You can also run into an identical problem when you have no sound on the television you have connected to your Mac through HDMI. If that is the case, see what you should do:

  1. Access “System Preferences.”
  2. Choose “Sound.”
  3. Choose “Output” and choose “HDMI.”

That is that.


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