How To Fix Instagram That Won’t Stop Crashing On Android?

As far as i know, Instagram is stable and functions fine always but sometimes you still see “Unfortunately, Instagram has stopped.” If you have experienced that, this article will teach you the steps to take to solve things if your Instagram keeps crashing on your Android device.

Apart from the 2018 bug issue in Instagram that made it crash repeatedly, the app is actually not troublesome. Immediately it is launched, it works like it should till you exit the app. But for the scarce scenarios when it troubles the hell out of you, there are some simple troubleshooting tips to get things up and running again.

Prevent Instagram From Crashing On Android

No matter how a programmer focuses on developing a decent and useful app that will be free of problems and frustrations, bugs and issues are somewhat inevitable. If your Instagram won’t stop crashing on your Android device, try out the fixes you see below:


1. Restart The Gram

If only your Instagram app is crashing or acting up, then this should rectify things. Restart your Instagram app as it could be a temporary glitch.

  1. Open Settings and Apps on your mobile phone.
  2. Select Instagram and Force Close if that option is there.

The Force Close option might not be available, that means the application closed the process and you can launch it again via your app tray. But if Force Close is there to be selected, that signifies that the app crashed but the process kept running. Restarting the app starts everything all over again.

2. Clear The Instagram App Cache

The app cache is a place where the temporary files Instagram requires to function effectively are stored. If the files are overwritten or corrupted, this can be the reason for a crash. Clearing the cache will tackle that by compelling the app to load additional files.

  1. Access Settings and Apps on your smartphone.
  2. Choose Instagram and then Storage.
  3. Select Clear Data and then Clear Cache.

Clearing the cache is a well known solution provider for several apps that crash, and Instagram is no exception. If there is no other issue with the app, this should fix the crashing problem.

3. Restart Your SmartPhone

If clearing the cache did not change anything, it can be a phone memory problem. Your smartphone makes use of RAM like your PC and things can be corrupted there as well. Even if only Instagram crashes and everything else is still working fine, a reboot can save the day.

Reboot your Android device and then confirm if it fixed anything. It should.

4. Update Instagram

A fast update of the app can end its crashing on your smartphone. Access the Google Play Store and choose Check for Updates or Download All Updates and you will know if it can be updated or if there are no updates available.

If a code error is the problem, Instagram usually let their users know but do not bank on that all the time.


5. Check For Conflicts

Before our final option, it makes a lot of sense to search for conflicts. At times, applications require the same resources and once one reaches it first, other apps will not be able to use it. Think back, did you attempt to make any sort of changes to your mobile device before Instagram began its crashing episode? Or is it a fresh game or app you installed before it started happening?

If that is the case, attempt to Force Close that app and see how Instagram fares after that. If Instagram has stopped crashing, what you installed newly might be the culprit. Uninstall it and test your Instagram for a longer time to see if it is now behaving itself. You will now be able to manage that conflict if you intend to use both applications.

6. Re-install Instagram

This is the option to go for when nothing else works. Kinda like the last resort.

  1. Connect to WiFi if possible.
  2. Access your app drawer on your mobile device.
  3. Hold the Instagram icon and select Uninstall.
  4. Hold on for the app to get uninstalled.
  5. Now install another copy of Instagram.

Your Instagram account will still be present, plus your instastories, posts and every other thing. But if you personalized your Instagram before re-installation, that has to be done again. Apart from that, everything else remains the same.

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