How To Fix My Samsung Galaxy S10 That Won’t Update?


When your Samsung Galaxy S10 is functioning properly which, hopefully, is all the time, it will automatically install system updates. However, at times, a glitch on your device will stop an update from installing. Not to worry though, there are solutions to fix this for you.

How To Fix A Samsung Galaxy S10 That Won’t Update?

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There are several reasons for this problem, but you can generally troubleshoot your Galaxy S10 and get the update installed without too many problems.

Below, we have listed a few ways to fix your Galaxy S10, but if all of them fail to work, you might need to reach out to Samsung support to update your phone.

1. Ensure You Are Using Wi-Fi

One of the first things you need to do is to make sure your Galaxy S10 is connected to a dependable Wi-Fi network. Updates might not download over a cellular connection, and if your Wi-Fi is inconsistent (or if you’re making use of public Wi-Fi,) it could fail too. Head home or to the office and try again with a stronger Wi-Fi connection.

2. Restart your Galaxy S10

When your PC is fumbling, the first thing a support technician will say to you is to turn it off and turn it back on again, since restarting a PC can get rid of glitches and corrupted software. This is the case for your device as well. Restart your Galaxy S10 and attempt installation with a newly rebooted device.

3. Install the update from Smart Switch

Smart Switch is a Samsung application that simplifies back up, the restoration and transfer of files on your Galaxy device. It will also be able to perform system updates.

To try this, get Smart Switch installed on your Galaxy S10 from the Play Store and also install the desktop version on your computer or Mac. When it is installed, connect your Galaxy S10 to your PC and start Smart Switch. If there is any update available, the installation will happen with a click.

4. Wipe the cache partition

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If nothing has been fixed so far, clearing the cache partition to confirm if corrupted data is stopping the device from performing an update is a wise move.

  1. Turn off your device by pressing the Power button on the side and clicking “Power off,” then clicking “power off” one more time.
  2. Press and hold the Volume Up and the Bixby keys, then press and hold the Power button. Hold all 3 buttons until the Android logo is seen.
  3. After the menu is visible, use the Volume Down button to select “Wipe cache partition” and then press the Power button to choose.
  4. Use the Volume Down button to select “Yes” and then choose it with the Power button.
    5. When the cache wipe is wrapped up, press the Power button to choose “Reboot system now.”

After the device restarts, attempt the installing of the update one more time. If this still fails to work, you might need to reach out to Samsung technical support for more help.


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