How To Fix The Screen Black On My iPhone?

ScreenBlackiPhone3real 1
ScreenBlackiPhone3real 1

Suddenly, your iPhone screen turns black and the phone becomes totally unresponsive. You continue pressing the Side button and the Volume rockers, but it continues to look dead, it can happen.

Fortunately, you do not have to bother yourself since it is always a software glitch that can be rectified without any external help. Having said that, the screen turns black because of a hardware problem and this is where things get pretty tricky. Dismantling your iPhone part by part is not what you can easily do in your house.

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Why Does The iPhone Screen Go Black?

Now, lets check out some of the reasons why the iPhone display goes black, plus how it can be repaired.

Also, this mostly occurs because of a software or hardware problem. At any point, the display can turn black and then turn back on, or it can go totally black and fail to respond. The former is a clear sign that there is a software problem and the latter, once in a while, hints at an hardware issue.

Here are some things that can be done before you declare that your iPhone is dead and head to a repair shop.

Is Your Smartphone Charged?

When your battery reaches 0%, the device instantly powers off and will not give any indication of life. There is a even a caveat immediately the battery is below 20%, but it is always possible that you did not notice it, especially if you are too occupied. Therefore the first line of defense is to ensure that the phone is plugged in and then attempt to charge the device. Give the iOS device some time to charge before it powers itself back on. You might have to hold on for some minute. This will depend on the iPhone model and your battery status. If the iOS device is a ancient one, the longer time it will take to charge before it responds again

A Restart

An easy restart is a fast way to end some of the software glitches that can result in a blackout. This method functions best if the iOS device randomly turns black, but you should try it all the same.

How Can I Restart An iPhone 7 And Older?

Hold the Side button till the Power Off slider is visible, then toggle the slider to the right. Press and hold the option once more till you can view the Apple logo. Be aware that your device must be given sometime to turn off before pressing the button again. The Side button is on top in some ancient iPhones.

How Can I Restart iPhone 8 And Later?

Hold any of the Volume rockers and the Side button at the same time till the Apple logo is visible.

Head To iTunes For Help

If charging and restarting fixed nothing, iTunes might help you. There are a few things that can be done from iTunes to resurrect your iPhone. The following methods assume the device is linked to a PC. If it does not connect, you might be battling a hardware problem like a logic board issue.

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Update The iPhone

Tap on the little iPhone icon to explore your device and choose Update from “Summary.” A window that says, “There is a problem with the iPhone …” might be visible immediately you plug it in. Choose Update and hold on for a while till the device downloads and installs the fresh software. Be aware that you should not unplug the device as the update progresses.

How Can I Restore The iPhone?

At times, an easy update might not give you the fix you want. More reason why you have to attempt to restore your device. But bear in mind that the restoration gets rid of the entire data and settings from the phone.

If there is a backup on your iCloud or PC, iTunes will instantly ask you to restore from the backup. You can backup before restoring, but this might not work, as it depends on the kind of issue that is bringing about the blackouts.

For restoration of the device, tap “Restore iPhone” in iTunes or click on “Restore” in the “There’s a problem…” window.

Hardware Problems

Several iPhone models are not exposed to hardware problems. Except the device sustains physical damage from falling to the ground or being submerged.

Therefore if the screen turns black when the device is dropped, it is possible that the display data connector got dislodged. Or, if the blackout takes place when the device gets wet, it could be that the screen is broken and you need a replacement.


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