How To Get Amazing Wallpapers For Your iPhone Or iPad?


Shortcuts for iOS is a vital but ignored way to automate your iOS device.

In this tutorial, I will highlight how you can make your iPhone or iPad more powerful to do specific tasks. Let’s find out how you can set a new wallpaper for your phone using Unsplash, a massive tool for amazing pictures.

iOS owners can now manually download and set a wallpaper they fancy but that cannot be where it ends. With Unsplash’s Source API, you can get a random picture whenever you run it and set it as your device’s wallpaper — which is way cooler.

This is how to get it done:

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Pls NOTE that to run the shortcut, you have to be on iOS 13 developer beta, because it involves some actions that are not in the present version (2.2) available on the App Store.

  1. Get the Shortcuts application downloaded from the App Store, if you are yet to do it already. It is pre-installed on your phone if you currently run iOS 13 developer beta.
  2.  Launch the application and within the “My Shortcuts” tab, tap “+” on top to create a fresh account.
  3. Click “Settings” and name the shortcut. For instance, “Set Wallpaper.” You can even click “Icon” to have it changed to something that suits your shortcut’s function the most.
  4. As a 1st step, tap “Text”. Here, you will add the URL to get a random picture from Unsplash. The format is like this- “”
  5. After that, tap “Get Contents of URL” action. This will do precisely what it hints — it will ensure the content of the image is passed.
  6. For the last step, set the wallpaper using “Set Wallpaper.” You can even decide if you need the wallpaper to be set on both your Home and Lock Screen.
  7.  The shortcut is done. You will now be able to run it by tapping “Play” After running the shortcut for the first time, you will be asked to let Shortcuts app download fro the URL. Tap “OK.”

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And that is that.

You now have a huge collection of themed wallpapers for your iOS device.


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