How to get rid of Ads on Youtube


How to Get Rid of Ads on Youtube – Youtube is the largest and most used video streaming platform used by people around the world. This is because the videos on the platform are diverse and made by people who might be creative so that they can be used as entertainment during leisure time. Youtube also provides rewards in the form of income to creators, making this platform even more popular.

How YouTube pays creators is by posting advertisements on videos created and monetized. This is beneficial for the creators but sometimes makes the audience annoyed. For those of you who are disturbed by the advertisement while watching a video, here is how to get rid of ads on YouTube with several methods.

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Using Pc Devices

To be able to get rid of advertisements while watching videos on YouTube, you can use a PC or laptop device to realize your desires and wishes. The trick is to use a web browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera Mini and others. But we suggest you use Google Chrome to be more effective.

Google Chrome

How to get rid of Ads on Youtube with Adblock Plus

  1. The first thing you have to do is open the google chrome browser. On the home page of Google Chrome, you click on the dot icon in the left-hand corner at the top. A number of menu options will appear and you select and click on the other features menu. The next step is to click the extension option.
  2. The next step in the extension menu is the menu option with the words Adblock Plus. You select the Adblock Plus menu and also add it to your Google Chrome. How to add Adblock plus to google chrome is to click the blue button in the top right corner with the words Add to Chrome.
  3. After you have installed Adblock Plus service on Google Chrome, now you can contently watch videos on YouTube without being interrupted by advertisements.

Mozilla Firefox

Or you can also get rid of ads on YouTube by using the Mozilla Firefox web browser. The trick is also very easy and not much different by using Google Chrome. It’s just different in the menus and the options and options.

The first thing you have to do is to press or click the black dot button in the top right corner of the home page of the Mozilla Firefox web browser. Then you select the menu with the add-on. On that page, then you type the keyword with the words Adblock Plus.

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After the Adblock Plus service has been found, the next step is to add it to Mozilla Firefox by clicking the Add to Firefox option. Then you click Add one more time to make sure Adblock features or services are added successfully to Mozilla Firefox. If it is installed, you can freely watch YouTube videos without interrupting advertisements.

Using an Android Cellphone

How to get rid of Ads on Youtube

You can download the AdClear application to be able to watch videos without interrupting advertisements using an Android phone. After the application is downloaded and installed, you open the AdClear application.

The next step is to click on the VPN menu located on the application’s home page and click Ok. After that, you can watch videos on YouTube without being fed up with being blocked by ad impressions that often appear in the middle of the video.

Now that’s the way you can do to get rid of ads on YouTube, hopefully, can be helped with these simple tips. If the ads are still continuing, you should give up a little money to subscribe to Youtube Premium, OK?


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