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How To Get Rid Of All Of The Emails On Your iPad?

Your iPad’s Mail application does not offer you any clear way to get rid of all the email in a folder, but it is very simple to do with only some clicks.

As well as know, Email is very vital to our lives.

And since everybody is on the internet now, the probability that you work with several email accounts on your mobile phone is high. It could be one for private messages, another for all things business e.t.c. With these multiple emails in your care, you might have to get rid of all the email on your iPad altogether.

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Sadly, Apple does not offer you a “delete everything” button. There is no one-click means of selecting every email you possess and deleting them all at once. That is fine though, because there is a easy solution that will make you achieve exactly that.

Unfortunately though, even this solutions has its restrictions. You will be unable to select every email on your iPad simultaneously except everything is kept in your inbox. If you often find yourself keeping email in several folders to ensure things are more organized, you will have to get rid of your emails per folder.

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How Can I Delete All The Email In A Folder On My iPad?

  1. Launch the Mail application.
  2. Click on the folder you wish to empty, like the inbox or any other folder on your phone.
  3. On top of that folder, click “Edit.” (If you can see the mailboxes pane, do not mistakenly click “Edit” in that.)
  4. Click the first message in the folder to choose it.
  5. Click and hold “Move” way down on the display.
  6. As you hold “Move,” click the chosen message once more to deselect it. Then remove your hand from “Move.”
  7.  All the messages in the folder that are selected will now be visible. If you do not see it quickly enough, it means there are several emails on your account and it could take sometime.
  8. Click the folder you intend to move the emails to, and this has to be Trash.

If you have a change of heart, click “Cancel” or quit the Mail application.

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