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How to Get Snapchat Snaptreak Back on Android & iOS

Know more about the Snapchat snapstreak. This article explains how to get your Snapchat streak back after you might have lost them.

Snapchat is a social media platform that emphasizes sending snaps (videos or pictures) to contacts. It is very popular among young people especially because of its media features, camera filters, and high privacy.

While you can connect, express, and entertain yourself a thousand and one ways on Snapchat with its many features. There is one particular feature that is notorious these days – the snap streak. Now let’s see what this is and how it works.

Snapchat Snapstreak

The Snapchat Snapstreak is a feature on Snapchat that counts the number of back-to-back snaps sent on a daily interval. You could say it was introduced to keep users active. A high streak shows a high level of activeness on the platform. To get your Snapchat streak going, you have to send at least a picture or video to someone every 24 hours. After 24 hours of not sending anything to anyone, it drops to the beginning. Meaning you have to start over again.

snapstreak beside name on chat

If you have a Snapstreak with someone, you will see a fire emoji πŸ”₯ besides the name of the person on the chat screen. Your Snapstreak with a friend is displayed as numbers besides this πŸ”₯ emoji, representing the number of consecutive days this has been going on.

How Snapstreak works

Snapchat snapstreak is not a one-person feature. It is between two users, you and a friend. This means you can be with different people. To have one with someone, you and the person must have snapped each other (sent a picture or video) for at least three consecutive days. Only then can a snapstreak begin. So in another sense, the snapstreak poses as a measure of how close or best of a friend you are with someone on Snapchat.

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Your Snapchat snapstreak represents the number of days you have kept up with the act of sending pictures or videos to someone without missing a single day. The snapstreak count is written next to the πŸ”₯ emoji. A Snapchat streak of 200 means you and the contact in question have each exchanged at least a picture or a video, every day for the past 200 days.

But I have been doing that, how come I don’t have one? Well, not all snaps count for snapstreaks. Let’s look at what qualifies as a streak

What counts as a Snapstreak?

The Snapstreak can be fun and at the same time tricky to keep. Not every snap sent counts towards your streak.

The snapstreak, sadly, is not a measure of how much you chat with someone. Whether you chat by the second or all day long, chatting does not count towards your streak.

Snaps sent with Memories, that snaps you have taken and saved before, do not count towards your streak. So take a picture, click! And send. That is a plus to your streak.

Snaps you send to your stories are not counted toward your snapstreak. Remember, the Snapchat snapstreak is between two persons, not you and a bunch of others, regardless of if they view it. In the same vein, group snaps do not count too. It has to be in the chat to count. Individual to individual.

If you are a creator using the Snapchat spectacles. Whatever media you record and share via your pair of Spectacles does not count towards your streak.

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So to keep a snapstreak going, it has to be a picture or video you just took and sent.

Why is my snapstreak gone?

Earlier, we mentioned that the snapstreak is not a one-person feature. It is a team effort of two people sending and receiving at least one snap within the 24-hour duration, for a consecutive number of days. Either of you snoozes, and both of you lose. So if you send your friend a snap and you do not get any back at the end of 24 hours, that would be the end of the snapstreak for both of you. You have to start again from the beginning. That’s if one person is not too angry at the other for losing the streak 😏.

Snapchat is concerned about you not losing your streak, hence an hourglass emoji ⏳ appears beside the contact name when the time is almost up. If you do not do anything, then your streak will be gone. At least Snapchat will not be blamed. They did remind you, right?

Also, you might have sent snaps that do not qualify to count towards your streak. In that case, at the end of the 24-hour window, you will be back to the beginning.

How to get Snapchat Snapstreak back on Android and iOS

If the reason your snapstreak is gone is due to some errors. A case where you and your friend have both exchanged snaps that qualify to count towards the streak within the 24-hour window, and your streak still disappears. This can be a result of conne8or server issues. You can contact support to get your Snapstreak back.

  • Open your Snapchat app on your phone.
  • Click on your Bitmoji at the top left to access the profile screen.
  • Now click on the Settings symbol at the top right of the screen. Snapchat settings
  • Scroll down to the support section and click on I need help. Snapchat support, I need help
  • On the next screen, click on Snapstreak from the popular topics. If you cannot find it, search for it using the search bar. Snapchat i need help, contact us page
  • The next screen holds information regarding streaks. Scroll down and click on the blue let us know link. snapstreak let us know link
  • Select I lost my Snapstreak from the options on the contact us page. Snapchat, contact us, I lost my Snapstreak option
  • Scroll down and fill out the available form. Enter as much information as possible to prove your case.
  • Click on Send.
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Now, wait for support to do their thing. They will get back to you in about 24 hours.

Final thoughts

The snapstreak is a fun thing to have with someone. But at the same time, you cannot have a snapstreak with everyone on your contact list. So employ time management as you have your fun.