How to have dark mode on WhatsApp for Android

whatsapp phone screen
whatsapp phone screen

Just a few hours ago the news came out that the dark mode in WhatsApp could arrive in the next big update. Although it is a feature that has been asking for some time, developers have not yet implemented it in the official version. That is why we are forced to resort to external applications and tools to have black WhatsApp (not the black WhatsApp). On this occasion, we will teach you how to have such mode in an easy and simple way.

Before proceeding, and because we will use a third-party APK, we will have to enable the options of Unknown sources in the Security section in the Android phone Settings (this may vary depending on the system version and customization layer).

Dark mode on WhatsApp thanks to GB WhatsApp for Android

Surely you have ever heard of GB WhatsApp. In summary, it is an alternative version of the official application similar to WhatsApp Plus that allows us to modify the aesthetic and other aspects to our liking. In this case, we will use it to get the mentioned dark mode without resorting to rooting.

For this, we will download the alternative client through this link after activating the Unknown Origins box. Once downloaded, we will install it as if it were a normal WhatsApp application and enter our phone number. After this, we will provide the necessary permissions and then we will see an interface somewhat different from the official WhatsApp. When we are on the main screen, we will press on the three Options points and we will give More adjustments. In this section, we will see several options – worth the redundancy – but the one that interests us most is the Themes. We can access the predefined themes offered by the application, but in Pro Android, we have designed one with a full dark mode. You can download it from the following link, and apply it is as simple as clicking on the option Load in Themes and find the mentioned file.

Finally, we will have to restart the application so that the changes are applied correctly. Later, the black interface will be shown, although we can change it to our liking. We can also apply different themes using the method mentioned above, so the design possibilities are endless.

GB WhatsApp Plus APK | to download

Dark theme of WhatsApp | to download


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