How to hide Android apps from prying eyes

privacy Windows 10 dati sensibili
privacy Windows 10 dati sensibili

Do you feel uncomfortable with the idea that other people can easily browse the display of your phone? Privacy, whether it’s Windows 10iOS or Android remains one of the main priorities for those who deal with technology and, even if the dangers for some “peeks” are minimal, we must always pay attention.

Disabling notifications during the display lockout phase and adding a device password are recommended options. However, a further step forward can be made by hiding the very existence of specific apps on an Android phone- this precaution will guarantee complete privacy.

Hide the Android apps to protect your privacy

There are many applications whose data may require some privacy- among the many situations, we remember personal chats, VoIP services, app for appointments, TorVPN, mail services, Google Photos and (perhaps the most important) banking applications. What you really need is a way to hide your apps at the touch of a finger and restore them just as quickly afterward.

The most logical (and boring) method to hide apps on Android

Currently, the default way to protect the existence of Android apps is to disable and enable them when necessary- as you can easily guess, this method can be boring when you have a large number of apps to hide.

First of all, you will have to disable each app individually and then enable them all one at a time. Now imagine several times a day to meet the same people you want to hide the details of your phone- a real effort, right? In addition, disabling an app deletes all its data and updates, so you have to reset it all over again after reactivating it … in a nutshell, it’s not manageable and you need a faster way to make the app invisible at will.

Hide your apps via a dedicated launcher

Downloading an Android launcher that has specific features is the best way to hide your private apps from prying eyes. Apex Launcher is one of these apps and can help you easily reach your goal without making complex actions. The launcher is, among other things, also extremely under the aesthetic point of view, the backgrounds, and many other features.

After downloading the app and installing it quickly, you should be able to see the Apex Settings option on the home screen. Once you have selected this item, you will need to set Apex as the default launcher to hide your apps.

Once inside Apex, you can choose to create a new folder to store your secret apps or select the Hidden Apps option. After choosing the hidden apps, the next screen will contain a complete list of apps installed on your phone. Simply hide the apps at your convenience by choosing one for one.

The secret apps have been successfully hidden and should remain invisible on the phone’s main screen. To display them again temporarily, simply reactivate them.

An alternative to Apex Launcher

Nova Launcher is another startup app that allows you to hide apps successfully. The mechanism to hide unwanted apps remains the same as Apex. However, unlike the previous option, the specific function requires a payment formula.

Do not you want to change Launcher? Hide app with AppLock!

If you want to hide Android apps without having to change the launcher, there is still a less “invasive” app that can lead to the same result. AppLock software offers a simple and free mechanism to protect your apps with various options including passwords and even fingerprint lockouts. It can also help you hide photos and videos.

After downloading the app, choose the password or the access mode, taking into account that if you forget this data, you will have to delete and reinstall AppLock from the beginning. Through this very useful software, in addition to common applications, you can also block system apps such as browsers and cameras. These are really useful features if you have a child at home who keeps borrowing your phone and playing with it.


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