How to hide lock screen notifications on Android 9

Android 9.0
Android 9.0

You can now hide lock screen notifications on Android 9, especially those sensitive data you don’t want anyone seeing. By default, all apps on your phone are meant to display their notification on your lock screen. To some, this is great and they can pick up their phone, glance through their notification without having to unlock their phone. However, some others don’t like seeing most details about a notification on their lock screen. Probably because someone else might pick up their phone and read a little of the notification without the need to unlock the device.

Whichever option your may like to make use of, Google got you covered with its settings. There is also an option to completely remove notifications from showing up on the lock screen for those who don’t fancy the other two. This way, you won’t even know you have a notification while staring on the lock screen until you unlock it. You can also stop individual apps from showing notifications if you don’t want to stop all the apps together. For example, you can set the Facebook app and WhatsApp to not show Notification since they mostly carry confidential information while you can leave YouTube’s turned on as its notifications are mostly just recommended videos. Lets go ahead to show you how to set all these on your Android Smartphone running Android 9.

How to hide lock screen notifications on Android 9

Obviously, your Smartphone has to be running on Android 9 and as at when writing this, only a handful of devices have gotten the update. If your device is already on Android 9, you can follow the steps below to hide the lock screen notifications.

– Navigate to the Settings Menu by Swiping down the notification panel and Clicking on the Gear Icon or Click on the Settings App.

– Click on Security & Location and Tap Lock screen Preferences Located under device security.

– You’ll see “On Lock Screen” with the current chosen option under which should read “Show all Notification contents”

– Tap “On Lock Screen” and you’ll see the other options

Show all Notification Contents – This will show the name of the app, the name of the person/contact that notification came from and also the contents of the notification.

Hide Sensitive Content – This will only show the app from which the notification came in and nothing more. No name or message displayed.

Don’t show notifications at all – This is self-explanatory. Notifications from apps won’t turn up on your lock screen at all.

– Choose Hide Sensitive Content to hide lock screen notification.

If you would like to customize the app notification preferences on a per app basis, just follow the steps below.

– Go to Settings on your Android 9 device and Click on Apps and Notifications.

– Select See all apps and Choose an app you would like to customize.

– Tap on Notifications and Toggle the Show Notification Button Off.

Just like that, that app notification won’t show up on your lock screen anymore.


That is how you hide lock screen notifications on Android 9. Got any questions regarding this piece ? Was this guide helpful ? Do let us know through the comment section down below.


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