How to hide recent applications in macOS Mojave

hide show recent applications mac dock 900x244
hide show recent applications mac dock 900x244

It’s been a few days now that macOS Mojave, the new Apple operating system for the family of laptops and desktop Mac, is available officially for all users. And since then, there are many improvements and new features that we have been testing. One of them is the ability to show recent applications in the dock, a really useful function when you work frequently with the same apps but that, perhaps, does not please all users. So today we will see how to hide the latest apps used from the dock.

Hides recent applications of the dock in macOS Mojave

The new feature that shows recent applications in the MacOS Mojave dock is enabled by default when you install the new system. Although, in general, it may be useful, many users will not like it since, as usual, we already have the apps that we use most anchored in the dock, which is what it is for.

Luckily, it is a feature that you can deactivate quickly and very easily. For this you have only to follow the following indications:

  1. First, open the System Preferences application. You can do it from the dock itself, from the Launchpad, through the Finder and the applications folder, or by pressing the  symbol in the menu bar and selecting the corresponding option.
  2. Now click on the Dock section  in the System Preferences panel
  3. Uncheck the box next to Show recent applications in the dock.

As simple as that. From now on your recent applications will no longer be displayed on the far right of the dock, and you will have more space to anchor more applications if you need it.


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