How To Hide WhatsApp Last Seen On iPhone and Android

Hide WhatsApp last seen
Hide WhatsApp last seen

This guide contains steps on how to hide WhatsApp last seen on either iPhone or Android.

WhatsApp is arguably one of the best cross-platform messaging apps out there. Almost every smartphone user has the app installed on their one phone as it is to me, the best messaging app out there. WhatsApp has over 1 billion downloads on both the Google play store and the Apple app store which means it is widely used by Android and iOS smartphone users.

The platform has a lot of useful features, some of which we’ve talked about. Like the WhatsApp group Video Calling Feature. We’ve also written about some tricks on how to find out if someone has blocked you on WhatsApp and How to unblock yourself if indeed the person has blocked. Here, we will be teaching another trick, which is how to hide WhatsApp last seen.

Last seen is the way for people to know when last you came online or used the app. While this might be a good feature for some, it sure doesn’t sit well with some others. If you don’t want other people knowing or seeing your last seen on your WhatsApp profile then you can hide it. Usually, we were able to do this using an app called “Last Not Seen”. However, WhatsApp has seen added the option to turn it off in the app instead of using a third-party app.

How To Hide WhatsApp Last Seen On iPhone and Android

First things first, you will need to get your WhatsApp application updated. If there is an update available for WhatsApp then you’ll need to update before following the steps below.

  • Launch the WhatsApp application and Click on the three dots at the top right side of the app and Select Settings from the Drop Down Menu.
  • When you get to the Settings Menu, Click On Account with the Key icon in front of it.

  • Select Privacy.

  • This is where you’ll the “Who can see my personal info” Categorie. Underneath it you’ll see the following; Last seen, Profile Photo, About, Status and Live Location.

  • Tap on the Last Seen Option and You’ll see three options to choose from; Everyone, My Contacts, and Nobody.

  • Choose Nobody and that’s it.

Now your last seen on WhatsApp is hidden and no one can see it.

Note – Hiding your WhatsApp last seen means that you can not see other people’s last seen as well. In order to see other people’s last seen, you’ll need to go back to WhatsApp >> Settings >> Account >> Privacy and Set the last seen to everybody.


Now that you can hide WhatsApp last seen, you can go ahead and use WhatsApp without fear of someone telling you something like “You came online earlier in the day and didn’t reply my chat or something like that”. You own your privacy.

Will you hide your WhatsApp last seen`? Let us know through the comment section down below.


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