How To Improve iPhone X Battery Life

iPhone X 6
iPhone X 6

We will be detailing how you can improve iPhone x battery life in this article. The iPhone X is indeed a nice device and comes with everything one would need in a smartphone. When it comes design, apple got it. What about the top notch and 18:9 display ? Excellent. Everything about the iPhone x is spot on. Everything except, the battery.

Improve iphone x battery life

When it comes to battery, the bigger, the better and everyone knows it. But it seems like apple didn’t get get the memo as their latest iPhone X has just only 2716mah of battery. Well, thanks to apple’s A11 power efficient SOC, the iPhone x lasts more than other phones with about the same battery capacity. Still, that does not change the fact that the battery capacity is just not good enough.

However, there are other ways you can improve your iPhone x Battery Life to further enjoy your device and we will be explaining how to go about it.

How To Improve iPhone X Battery Life

  1. Enable Power Saving Early – You do not have to wait till your iPhone x gets to a very low stage before activating the power saving mode. You can activate at 70% or 80% to improve the battery life. Although, activating it will stop animations and background apps from running but it is for the better. Using your device while in the power saving mode will undoubtedly make the battery last longer. To activate it Goto Settings >> Battery >> Toggle On Low Power Mode.
  2. Uninstall/Stop Battery Consuming App – Checking your battery status and which apps have consuming the must power periodically will help you improve the battery life of your iPhone X. You can decide to delete those apps that consume too much power or stop them from running in the background. That is if you do not want to uninstall them. To Uninstall or Stop an app from running in the background Goto Settings >> Battery >> Select The App >> Uninstall/Stop.

  3. Check The Battery Health – If your iPhone x is running iOS 11.3 or higher then you might want to check your battery health. This will help you determine if the battery is still in good health or if it is bad. If the battery is bad then you would need a battery replacement which shouldn’t cost much. To check the battery Health Goto Settings >> Battery >> Click On Battery Health.

  4. Get A Battery Case For Your iPhone X – Getting an iPhone x battery case can also improve the battery life of the device. You can get up to 50% extra juice Depending on the mah in the case. On top of that, your phone gets protected from scratches. Talk about killing two birds with one stone. The iPhone x Battery case can be bought on most of the online stores.

  5. Time To Get A Power Bank – If after doing all of the above and you still more juice then it would be best to get a power bank. Power banks are a must have for every Smartphone user these days. Especially if you using a phone with such a small battery capacity. You can go for the small ones like 6000mah that can offer about full 2 charges to the iPhone x before going out. A 6000mah power bank shouldn’t cost more than $20 (N7000). You can get on one from one of the numerous online stores.


Getting a phone with such an exorbitant price, one would think they wouldn’t have to worry about something as minor as a battery capacity. Anyways, i hope this article helps you improve iPhone x battery life so you get to play with your phone a little bit longer.

If there are other ways you use in improving the battery life of you iPhone x, let us know by dropping a comment.


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