How to install ADB driver

Google Might Remove ADB Backup Restore Option From Future Android Devices
Google Might Remove ADB Backup Restore Option From Future Android Devices

ADB Driver, (Android Debug Bridge) without these drivers it is not possible to transfer multimedia contents and files to your mobile device or tablet. And most of the time these drivers are useful for rooting your Android device or installing a custom recovery or custom ROM on your Android device. Thus, without these drivers, it is not possible to connect the device with the computer.

So today in this tutorial you will learn how to install ADB drivers. Follow the step by step guide to install the drivers on your Windows PC. To do this you first need to download the ADB drivers on your Windows PC, once you have downloaded the files, extract them to the desktop to start the installation process. But now we just move on to the guide to install the ADB drivers on any Android device

How to install the ADB drivers

  1. Download the USB drivers from here and unzip the file on the desktop.
  2. Let’s start by going to the search box of your operating system and writing My Computer (This PC in most cases), then click on Properties.
  3. On the left, we will see the Device Manager, click on it.
  4. Click Action and then click “Add Hardware Legacy”.
  5. Then click Next.
  6. Click Install the hardware / manually select from an option (Advanced) and click Next.
  7. Choose Show all devices and click Next.
  8. Tap isco.
  9. Select Browse.
  10. Search for the location where you downloaded the USB drivers and click Open.
  11. Select the ADB Android interface and click Next.
  12. To begin installing the new hardware, click Next.
  13. Click on Finish.

Are you done!


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