How To Install Amazon Kindle On Chromebook

Install Amazon Kindle On Chromebook
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There are several Amazon Kindle users out there and its userbase keeps increasing on a daily basis. As you already know, too many users prefer to access books using the Kindle, Mac, or their personal computers, but how about those who wish to use their Google Chromebook? Not to worry, the process to make this happen is not complicated and we’ll break it down below.

If you wish to access Amazon Kindle in Chromebook, be aware that the approach is quite different from how to make it happen on your Windows/Mac PC. Fortunately for you though, Amazon Kindle can be accessed using most of the smart devices available out there, therefore you are covered. Let’s expatiate by showing you How To Install Amazon Kindle On Chromebook:

How To Install And Read Kindle Books On Chromebook?

Reading Kindle books on your Chromebook is possible via the methods below:

1. Kindle Cloud Reader Chrome Extension:

Install Amazon Kindle On Chromebook
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Kindle Cloud Reader is a web application that aids you to read Kindle Books online. It costs nothing and it is web-based, meaning readers can access it from any web browser of their choice. This reader is filled with lots of amazing features you need to advantage of, so you should install immediately. See how:

  1. Access the Chrome web store and search for Kindle Cloud Reader, then select the appropriate result.
  2. Tap “Add To Chrome,” it will be visible on the Kindle Cloud Reader extension page.
  3. As soon as the extension is installed, the Kindle Cloud Reader will be seen on the application menu.
  4. Simply right-click the icon and select “Open As Window.” This will open the Kindle Cloud Reader in a different window, making it simpler to navigate with other tabs.

2. Kindle Android App For Chromebook:

Install Amazon Kindle On Chromebook
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To install, just:

  1. Launch the Google Play Store on your Android Chromebook and search for Amazon Kindle. If you are encountering issues as you search for the application, use the button below.
  2. After that, install the application and immediately it is done, proceed to open it from the Application menu.

Be aware that the Amazon Kindle application is not optimized and designed for Chromebooks or laptops in particular. Therefore the general user interface might be sluggish, even if it delivers more amazing features than a web application.

That is that.


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