How to install and change theme on Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3
Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

Here, we will be showing you how to install and also change theme on Samsung Galaxy Tab S3. Themes are a way to express yourself through your smartphone. It gives you the chance to choose how you want your smartphone to look. With themes, you get to personalise your smartphone experience. You should know that themes are not wallpapers and will completely change things like colours, icons and menus when applied. Wallpapers on the other hand will only change the background of your home screen. By default, your device comes with an already set theme. If you like that theme you can go ahead and keep using it, if not, then you might want to change it to something you actually like.

Before we begin, I’ll like to add that some themes might not be Available for your device model. Just in case you’ve seen another theme on another Samsung device and want the same on your Samsung Galaxy Tab S3. Also, the step below on how to change them on Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 may very depending on the theme you already have in place.

How to install and change theme on Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

  • Look for an empty space on your home screen. Now Press and hold on that empty space till some options pop up in the bottom side of your screen.
  • Now Click on Themes in between Wallpapers and Widgets.

  • Alternatively, You can go to Settings >> Themes or Wallpapers and Themes.

  • Doing this will take you to the Samsung themes store where you get to scroll through the themes available for your device.

  • Click on any theme you like, Download and Apply. If you’ve already downloaded the theme before then you would not need to download, just apply the theme and it will take effect.

If you can’t find the themes options in the settings menu or when you long Press an empty space on your home screen then your Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 is running on android 7.0 Nougat which unfortunately, doesn’t support the use of themes. I’ll recommend you update your device to android 8.0 Oreo (Samsung experience UI 9.0) as soon as possible which comes with support for themes along with other new features as well as various improvements.


There you have it, how to change theme on Samsung Galaxy Tab S3. If you have any questions about this guide or you’re finding it difficult to change theme on your Samsung Galaxy tab S3 after following the above method then let us know by using the comment section down below.


  1. I’m currently up to date with oreo 8.0 (I’m assuming pie 9.0 is not available to the tab S3 at this time?) And do not see an option for themes.


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