How To Install Linux Apps On Your Chromebook

Install Linux Apps On Chromebook
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Because of the Linux support on Chromebooks, the Google Play Store is not the only platform for you to get applications from. Several Chrome OS devices are able to run Linux applications, making them super vital.

However, to install a Linux application is not as straightforward as installing an Android app, even if the process is not too complicated if you adhere to the instructions. The great news is that, once you do it the right way, you will find things easier than expected even with the little coding involved. See How To Install Linux Apps On Your Chromebook:

1. Check Your Chrome OS Version:

Before anything else, you need to confirm if your Chrome OS version supports Linux applications. Begin by tapping your profile photo in the bottom-right corner and heading to “Settings.” After that, tap the hamburger icon in the upper-left corner and choose “About Chrome OS.” The version of Chrome OS you’re running will then be visible.

If you run Chrome OS 69 or newer, Linux applications can be downloaded. If not, nothing can be done. However, in this case, ensure you confirm if there are any software updates available that will give you a Linux supporting version of the OS. To make this happen, simply tap “Check for updates.” on the “About Chrome OS” page, you should already be on and then allow your Chromebook to do the rest.

Install Linux Apps On Chromebook
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2. Activate Linux On Chromebook:

After confirming that your Chromebook supports Linux apps, you will have to activate Linux on it. It is simple to do and it is not time-consuming, even if it depends on how quick your internet speed is and how powerful your Chromebook is.

Access the settings on your Chromebook and choose “Linux (Beta).” on the left side. After that, tap “Turn on” then “Install” when a new window is seen. As soon as the download is wrapped up, a terminal window will open that will be used to download Linux apps.

How Can I Download Linux Apps On My Chromebook?

Make sure you update your packages by entering the command below into the terminal window:

sudo apt-get update:

As soon as that is done, you can start downloading Linux applications on your device. To make it happen, you need to use the command “sudo apt-get install app name -y” to change the “app name” part with the real name of the application. For instance, if you wish to download the popular image editor named “Gimp,” you should use the following command:

sudo apt-get install gimp -y:

As soon as you enter the command into the terminal window, the application would be downloaded and placed in the application drawer along with your Android applications.

Install Linux Apps On Chromebook
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Best Linux Apps You Need For Your Chromebook?

1. LibreOffice:

This is a brilliant alternative to Microsoft Word and it comes with a word processor, a spreadsheet program, a presentation tool e.t.c.

sudo apt install libreoffice libreoffice-gtk3 -y

2. Transmission:

This is a free BitTorrent client that lets you easily download and upload files.

sudo apt-get install transmission-qt -y

3. FileZilla:

If you wish to move files from your device to a server, an application such as this one makes the process a lot quicker.

sudo apt-get install filezilla -y

4. Evolution:

In case you wish to use a desktop mail client rather than a web-based one, this is the app for you.

sudo apt-get install evolution -y

5. Audacity:

This is an advanced audio editor and recorder that is useful when you wish to play around with several audio files.

That is that.


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