How To Install Modded Google Camera On Your Samsung Galaxy S10?


The Samsung Galaxy S10 phones possess an exciting rear camera setup. Even if the primary 12MP rear shooter is still the same as the one on the Galaxy S9/Note 9 from 2018, Samsung has tried to enhance its post-processing for more dynamic range and sharpness. Despite Samsung’s attempts, however, the Samsung Galaxy S10’s is just not as dope as the Pixel. But not to worry, the Google Camera application can be used to further enhance the quality of pictures snapped from the Samsung Galaxy S10.

Several users now prefer to use a modded Google Camera application to enhance the total quality of pictures snapped from their mobile phones. On the Samsung Galaxy 10, with the modded Google Camera app, you are guaranteed a reasonable improvement in color, contrast, dynamic range, and sharpness when compared to pictures captured from the stock camera app. The difference is clearer when it comes to selfies because pictures snapped from the stock camera app on the Galaxy S10 usually appear too soft.

What is more amazing is that the modded Google Camera app will allow Galaxy S10 owners to have fun with the vital Night Sight mode. The Galaxy S10 phones do not come with a dedicated Night Sight-like mode so we will welcome this.

So, do you need information on how to install and use a modded Google Camera on the Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S10, or Galaxy S10+? Adhere to these instructions:

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How Can I Install Modded Google Camera On My Galaxy S10?

  1. Get the modded GCam APK downloaded on your Samsung Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S10, or Galaxy S10+. This is just for the Snapdragon variant of the Samsung Galaxy 10. Asides the support for the main 12MP shooter, this version also aids the ultra-wide angle shooter. For Exynos-powered Galaxy S10 units, owners will have to download all the 3 modded APKs and have it installed. There will be 3 different modded GCam versions installed on your Galaxy S10. Every one of them has separate settings depending on the scene you wish to capture, shoot pictures from the relevant application. The Exynos variant is not so stable and has several problems right now so you should expect that.
  2. Snapdragon Galaxy S10 users also have to download an XML file which contains some alterations related to their phone from here. Get the XML file transferred to the /GCam/Configs folder on the internal storage of your Samsung Galaxy 10. The folder has to be created manually.
  3. Install the APK like you would sideload every other application on your Samsung Galaxy S10. Snapdragon Galaxy S10 owners will now have to import the XML file into Google Camera. To get this done, double click the area under the shutter button to reveal the importer. Then choose the config file from the list.
  4. With all that done, you can utilize the Google Camera on your Galaxy S10 to snap pictures. Do not forget that the clear differences will only be visible when snapping low-light shots. And, the total experience will be better for Snapdragon-powered Galaxy S10 units because Exynos Galaxy S10 units will most likely run into stability problems and less quality pictures.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

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The Google Camera application will not be as quick as the stock Samsung Camera app. It might even crash from time to time and not all of its modes will function the way they should. It is wise to use it for strictly point and shoot. If you want something else, go for the stock Samsung app.


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