How To Know How Much GB Storage Your Samsung Galaxy S8 Has?


The Samsung Galaxy S8 was a flagship device when it was first unveiled. It is quicker than the iPhone, quicker than Pixel and more rapid than several devices. Even today, two years and some months after its launch, it is still a proper device to have as your own.

If you use one, do you know how you can find how much storage your Samsung Galaxy S8 has? Need information on how you can free up storage if it has all been used? Lemme help you find out.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 might have been taken a seat for the S9 and S10 but the high prices for a lot of these new phones mean some of us just stick to what we already have.

How Much Storage Does My Samsung Galaxy S8 Have?

The Samsung Galaxy S8 comes with 64 or 128GB of storage. This will surely get reduced as you begin to install applications, save photos and files on it. Samsung offers a simple way to know how much storage your device has.

  1. Scroll up on the display to see the applications.
  2. Choose Settings and Device Care.
  3. Choose Storage and confirm your available storage space.

Your storage total will be visible with a circle, revealing how much storage is available on your phone. Any free storage on any memory card you have will also be seen on this display. It will take a quick time to calculate free space so be patient as soon as you launch the Storage application.

If there is little storage on your S8, there are some ways to create more space on your device.

How Can I Manage Storage With My Samsung Galaxy Phone?

Even if this article is for the Samsung Galaxy S8, it will also work for S9 and S10 devices. They all come with incredible storage capacities but they can be filled up quickly as well. If you are battling limited space, adhere to these instructions to create some:

1. Perform Phone Maintenance

Device Maintenance is an internal application that assists in the management of storage. Just head to settings via the instructions above and you might see a notification informing you that a particular amount of space can be freed up. Tap the button and allow the application to get rid of old files for a rapid, fast and free space fix.

  1. Choose the 3 dot menu icon in the top right of the Storage screen and choose Get More Storage.
  2. Choose each of the files at the top to get rid of all those files.
  3. This will depend on your device, but you should be able to free up proper space used by Huge Files, Duplicates and so on. Choose any file type that makes use of the most space and then work on every one of them one by one.

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2. Delete The Browser Cache

Depending on the number of hours you use to browse on your device, you might be wasting various megabytes of space with the browser cache. Since every little one of them will help, it is important to clear it out. It will not just free up space, it can also prevent browser crashes.

  1. Choose your browser from the application tray.
  2. Choose the menu, Settings and Privacy.
  3. Choose Clear Data to get rid of the browser cache.

3. Clear The App Cache

If you need a clear out, getting the app cache cleaned is a different way to save some space. The outcome might not be what you expect but it will create a decent MB of space to work with.

  1. Scroll up to view Settings and choose Apps.
  2. Choose the 3 dot menu icon in the top right to choose Show System Apps.
  3. Choose the app(s) you use regularly and choose Storage.
  4. Choose Clear App Data and Clear Cache.
  5. Do this again and again for all the apps you use regularly.

4. Add An SD Card For More Storage

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The Samsung Galaxy phones work with microSD cards. They can be used to add about 128GB to your storage inside your device. Ensure you use a top quality Class 10 card and have it inserted into your device, close to the SIM card. Give the phone some time to register the storage and you will be able to use it immediately.


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