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How To Know If Someone Muted You On Twitter

It is common knowledge that Twitter is a brilliant social network that aids interpersonal connections, however, some people will tell you it is a platform that breeds negativity and bullying. Luckily for us all, however, Twitter is home to features to assist users with the customization of their experience while ignoring those who are out to make their stay on the site uncomfortable.

One of the simplest ways to control your Twitter feed is by making use of the mute feature. The feature lets you hide the tweets of someone online without going as far as blocking them. However, what if you are the one who gets muted, how can you know? See How To Know If Someone Muted You On Twitter:

How Can I Know If Someone Muted Me On Twitter?

Muting a user simply gets rid of their Tweets from your timeline, however, it does not inform the mutee about what just went down. Therefore, the answer is that you cannot know if you get muted on Twitter, at least no via the Twitter application.

This is the case because the feature was launched to aid privacy, and it will take away all forms of drama if users do not know they are no longer wanted by another user.

Know Someone Muted Twitter
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2 years ago, we could use TweetDeck, Twitter’s personal management application to know when we got muted, but Twitter ensured that stopped working a while back. All of this means it is very hard to really know if someone muted you on Twitter, but it is not impossible. With a fast workaround, you could make a very good guess.

Know Someone Muted Twitter
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Simple Way For You To Tell If Someone Muted You On Twitter?

Muting on Twitter will not only turn off your tweets and retweets in the muter’s field, it also deactivates notifications from your account on their device. Therefore to be sure, simply locate a tweet on their profile that seems very simple in nature, then respond with something brief and simple, but enough to attract a reply via a LIKE or an actual response.

Hold on to confirm if you get a reply, and if you do, you were not muted. However, if your reply failed to attract any reaction, you were muted.

How Can I Mute Someone On Twitter?

Muting someone is very fast and uncomplicated. You simply have to open a Tweet and choose “Mute.” Unmuting someone happens that easily as well.

How To Mute Someone From A Tweet?

  • Access the “Tweet” and choose the down arrow icon.
Know Someone Muted Twitter
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  • Choose “Mute.”
Know Someone Muted Twitter
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How To Mute Someone From A User Profile?

  • Access the profile page of the individual you wish to mute.
  • Choose the three-dot menu icon on the page.
  • Choose “Mute” from the menu.

To unmute someone, you simply have to visit their profile once more and tap the speaker icon to unmute them.

That is that.

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