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How To Know Orginal LG TV In Nigeria

If you are in Nigeria, you should already be aware of substandard products that will take your money without giving you the right value for it. Fake products are simply clones of the original made with substandard materials, and they generally do not last.

Popular brand, LG, a reputable company known for quality products like Television, Air conditioners also fall prey to sellers of these fake products. The fake versions of LG products are very common in the markets, and lots of LG customers have been victims at one point or the other.

So how do you avoid losing your hard-earned cash for something that is not original? Well, we can help. It might be pretty difficult to know the difference between fake and real products, but it is far from impossible. See How To Know Orginal LG TV In Nigeria:

Orginal LG TV Nigeria
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How Can I Know Original LG TV In Nigeria:

Before anything else, make sure the LG logo is on the box or packaging of the TV because the fake LG television sets do not come with the LG logo printed on the box. Luckily for customers, it is also very hard to replicate the logo without raising suspicion. On the fake TVs, the logo is a removable sticker on the Television itself. Therefore anytime you see anything like that, run. If the TV you are buying comes with a clear and unsuspicious logo, and the same is the case with the remote control, you can be sure that you are buying a legit product.

1. Check The Remote Control Unit Of The Television:

For 7 years now, the LG logo is always printed at the bottom front of all LG remote controls, and unfortunately for the substandard product sellers, fake Televisions do not come with branded remote controls. In addition to that fact, the real remotes for LG TVs cannot work with the fake ones and vice versa.

2. Check The Quality Of The Print:

Looking closely at an original LG TV and original remote control will show you an LG logo that is written in a different shade or color from other writings on the carton. The reason for this is that the logo was either painted or printed on it as an after job.

3. Check The Boot Loader Screen:

After powering on an LG TV, if you notice that the start-up display or UI design is different from what you are used to, it could be fake.

4. Check The Model And Serial Numbers:

The LG Television comes with an LG model number and serial number on the back cover. The model and serial number should be visible on a label that has been printed by LG. When you confirm that, head to “Menu” and then “Settings,” and you will see a device info screen which also reveals the serial number of the TV. If the number printed on the back cover and the menu don’t match, the TV could be fake.

5. Check the manufacturer of the LG TV:

If you purchase an LG TV and you see that the product is made in China, it is most likely fake. Original LG Television sets are manufactured in Korea. Also, fake LG TV’s are lighter than the original ones.

That is that.

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