How To Know Your iPhone Xs Max IMEI number

iPhone XS Max Unboxing 04 560x600
iPhone XS Max Unboxing 04 560x600

In this guide, we will be showing how to find out your iPhone Xs Max IMEI number.

The iPhone Xs Max is the latest installment in the Apple iPhone Line of Smartphone. It came along with the iPhone Xs and Xr. The iPhone Xs Max has a massive 6.5-inch screen which is where the name ‘Max’ comes from. There is no doubt that this device was specifically made for Phablets/bug screen lovers. Now, Apple usually has the IMEI number of each phone written at the back of each device but stopped doing that in the iPhone 5. If you have an iPhone 6s, 6s plus or any other newer iPhone, you would have noticed that the IMEI number on the back is missing. Well, don’t worry as there are other ways to know your iPhone Xs Max IMEI. Although I would say the IMEI being written on the back was the easiest way to know an iPhone’s IMEI Number.

How To Know Your iPhone Xs Max IMEI Number

The second easiest method as Apple has stopped the first – having the IMEI number written at the back – is to go through the universal route. The universal route involves inputting a particular code in your keypad, and when your device detects the code, it automatically pulls up the IMEI number of that particular device. Now, the code works on all Smartphones, not just the iPhone Xs Max. All you have to do is open the Dialer app of your iPhone Xs Max and Type in this code – *#06#

Once you type in the last #, the IMEI Number of your iPhone Xs Max pop-ups immediately on-screen. You don’t even need to press the send button for the IMEI number to show up. Alternatively, you go to the Settings Menu >> General >> About >> then scroll to IMEI number. You can also copy it by long pressing on it and clicking on the copy option. You can also check the SIM tray of the iPhone Xs Max as Apple also writes the IMEI number of an iPhone on it.


One of the above methods should work when trying to know your iPhone Xs Max IMEI number, especially the first method. The first method works for all Smartphones in the world, and I make use of it on my iPhone device and Android device to check the IMEI number when needed. On the off-chance that you’re still unable to check your iPhone Xs Max IMEI number using any of the above methods, do drop a comment down below and we’ll figure out a solution for you.


  1. Hi,
    My phone was broken due to car accident. I could not turn it on and sim card tray is missing. How can I find imei number on my xs max?


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