How To Locate Your GPS Coordinates On Your Android Phone?


Mobile phones are amazing devices with beautiful features that a lot of users do not even know existed. One of the incredible features is GPS location tracking, which makes your smartphone have information about location coordinates all the time.

There are a few ways to know your GPS coordinates on your Android phone. In this tutorial, we will highlight the easy steps to ensure you can locate your GPS coordinates whenever you wish.

Unlike the iPhone, Android has no default, in-built GPS coordinate utility to display the information that the device already has, therefore you will require an Android application that can offer this feature.

Let us highlight the most appropriate methods of finding the GPS coordinates of your location on your Android device, rapidly and easily.

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Use Google Maps

Google Maps is the premier GPS app of the Android map world since it is a useful application that provides enough functionality in one application. Several Android devices possess Google Maps already pre-installed, but if your own device does not come with it, then you can just download it in the Play Store.

As soon as the installation is done, you have to launch the Google Maps application and ensure that you have enabled the “Location” monitoring feature. Your Android device possesses its personal Locations settings (head to your Settings application and search for “Location” to access these settings.) and Google Maps depends on your device’s settings to be aware of your location, therefore you will have to alter your settings for Google Maps to function the way it should.

As soon as your location settings are configured in the right way, you can discover your location by clicking “My Location” which is normally visible above “Go,” depending on your phone. This will centre the map on your device’s present location.

Immediately you find your location, touch and hold your finger on your location, and the GPS coordinates of your position will be visible in a popup of your display. Its pretty simple.

Because Google Maps is readily available on your Android phone, this is how to get it done, but if you fancy a non-Google way, there are more GPS applications that you can check out.

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GPS Tools And ToolBox

A different application to locate your coordinates on an Android phone is the beautiful GPS Status and Toolbox app. Known as a major rival to several mapping apps, GPS Tools And ToolBox provides lots of features for anyone who is in need of more detailed location info.

Here Are The Main Features In The Basic Version Of The GPS Status And Toolbox App:

  1. The position and strength of the signals from GPS satellites.
  2. The location readings’ accuracy.
  3. Information on your present location, plus altitude.
  4. Magnetic and True North.
  5. Waypoints markers to ensure your location can be marked and shared.
  6. A radar feature aiding you to get back to the Waypoint markers, which can be used to mark where your vehicle was parked or your route on a hike or other adventure.

Some users feel the features GPS Status and Toolbox provides are overkill, but it is amazing for sharing absolutely precise coordinates when needed. Hikers will really fancy the Waypoint feature since it aids them to locate their way back to where they started in complicated terrain.

Summary Of The Features You Enjoy When You Upgrade To GPS Status And Toolbox Application Pro:

  1. Unrestricted Waypoints.
  2. Temperature, pressure, rotation and humidity readings if your Android phone aids these sensors.
  3. Background Assisted or Augmented GPS (AGPS) downloading, which means data can be pre-loaded so it will be shown to you with no delays.
  4. No advertisements.
  5.  Widgets will be available.

Map Coordinates App For Android

This application is mainly developed to share your location with everyone, and it is simple to do. Your location can be shared through text, email, or social messaging. The Maps Coordinates app provides the Degrees, Minutes and Seconds GPS standard, plus the Military Grid Reference System (MGRS) and the Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) system. You can surely depend on Map Coordinates to show you readings of the highest accuracy because its map providers are Google Maps or Open Street Maps. It comes with a brilliant compass you can use if you want the stars to direct you.

Map Coordinates definitely needs more features to make it a complete app but it is still a decent way to locate a GPS coordinates on an Android phone.


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