How To Locate Your Phone Number In Android & iPhone

Android normally does the right things even if they just conspired to make this difficult for Android owners. Normally, your phone number should be seen under Me in Contacts. If you use some kinds of phones, that will not be the case.

If you make use of vanilla Android without a producer overlay, do this:

  1. Select Contacts on your phone.
  2. Select Me from the top of the list to view your number.

If you cannot find Me in your contacts, you will need to intensify your search.


  1. Settings and About Phone or Device.
  2. Select Phone Number or Status or Identity.


  1. Settings and About Phone or About Device.
  2. Select Status and SIM Status and then My Phone Number.

Or use the USSD Code:

  1. Simply open the dialer on your phone and type #99#.
  2. Call

You will notice a pop-up saying something about accessing USSD code and then your phone number should be displayed to you. This is reliant on your career so it won’t serve just anyone.

Using the USSD code is great if you are on the move and can sincerely not remember your phone number. It questions your SIM and fish out your number in no time.

Your final option is to phone a friend to ask for your number. You’ll be the butt of the jokes when next you see him or her but you can take that right?

Add Your Phone Number In Samsung Galaxy Phones

This is not an easy task because of the Samsung TouchWiz UI. But you should still be able to view it via Settings and About Phone but some numbers get listed as unknown.

If Unknown is what you see, add your number manually and it will start to show in Contacts.

  1. Open Contacts and select Me
  2. Click Edit
  3. Manually type your phone number
  4. Include any other additional data if you please
  5. Save
  6. Head back to Contacts and your number will now be visible.

How To Find Your Phone Number In iOS

For people like myself who will always forget every phone number we have, especially when it is a new one, iOS has us covered.

  1. Open your iPhone and launch the phone app.
  2. Click Contacts and your phone number will be number one on the list.
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