How To Make A GIF From A YouTube Clip And Share It Online?


If you are a social media fan then you must know what GIFs are. They are brief video clips that run on repeat, mostly with a super hilarious message. They are very popular and they even appear in emails and on sites these days.

Creating yours is not complicated and it can be done with online tools that will cost you nothing. GIPHY allows you to transform a snippet of a YouTube clip into your own meme-worthy GIF. Let’s expatiate below:

How Can I Make My Own GIF From A YouTube Clip?

Doing this is simple. The instructions are not complicated and the tools needed are simple to create your own GIF. Before anything else, find a video to excerpt on YouTube. Then head to GIPHY and get busy.

  •  On GIPHY’s homepage, tap “Create” at the top of the window.
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  •  Get the link for your YouTube clip copied into the “Add Any URL” box on GIPHY. Vimeo videos can also be used plus other GIPHY links.
  • Select the moment in your clip where you want the GIF to begin. Slide the Start Time bar until you reach the spot in the clip before the snippet you wish to transform into a GIF.
  • Choose the length of your GIF by getting the Duration bar moved to the left or right, or tapping the up or down arrow close to “Seconds.” View your GIF to be sure you have what you want.
  •  Immediately you find the right starting point and length for your GIF, its decoration can begin. Tap “Continue to Decorate.”
  • On this page, you will be able to add text and photos to your GIF. Tap “Caption” if you wish to add text. Tap and drag the text to wherever you want on the display. You can even select what you wish the text to appear like, and how you want for it to move.
  • Adding stickers is allowed too if you select “Stickers.” Tap and drag stickers to have them positioned on the GIF.
  • Tap “Filters” to alter the appearance of the GIF.
  • You can even draw on your GIF in the Draw menu if this is what you want.
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  • When you are done decorating, tap “Continue to Upload.”
  • Your GIF is nearly set. Just include one or more tags to help others find and share it. Then tap “Upload to GIPHY.”
  • GIPHY will aid the creation of your GIF. This will happen quickly.
  • View your GIF and admire your work. Make use of the menu to the right of your GIF to get the link copied. You can share it on social media or you can get its embed code.
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  • Logging in to GIPHY to create and share a GIF is not necessary. However, getting yourself logged in will let you receive credit for your work and seamlessly find them again.


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