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How to make Hard Reset on Huawei Honor 10

It often happens, very often, to meet with the smartphone full of photos, videos, multimedia content, apps, messages, temporary files, etc. that slow down and clog the latest generation devices. This is why we want to talk about how to make the Hard Reset on Honor 10 because despite being released a few weeks, that of slowdowns and blockages of the operating system is a widespread phenomenon and dependent on many causes to which even the newest smartphones are subject.

Xiaomi Mi 8 VS Huawei Honor 10
Huawei Honor 10

Why make the Hard Reset on Honor 10

As we anticipated, there are several reasons to perform the Hard Reset on Honor 10. First of all for technical reasons, ie the problems of slowing down, battery life or difficulty in using the smartphone that after a while ‘time may occur. This happens either because, more or less inevitably, in the internal memory of the smartphone there remains almost everything that we do, even the apps that we uninstall, and with time all these useless files can affect the performance of the smartphone.

If you do not perform a regular memory cleaning, in the long run, you may encounter efficiency problems that can not be solved by simply cleaning or deleting some files (especially multimedia files that only seemingly weigh more on the phone’s memory), but it is it is preferable to intervene drastically with a format.

Huawei Honor 10

It can also happen that you buy a second-hand smartphone (or you want to sell or give away to third parties) and it is very useful to have a procedure that shows the device to factory settings, so as to see privacy protected and not having to use a smartphone that has already been used and has the memory that preserves traces of this use.

How hard reset works

We have seen how the Hard Reset on Honor 10 is necessary on several occasions, let’s see now how it works and, above all, how to do it. The operation of the hard reset is very simple and for the user who runs it only has to follow the procedure; the procedures in particular given that they are two different versions to obtain the same result.

In a synthetic way, the hard reset goes to intervene on the internal memory of the phone (so it does not touch the microSD possibly present) starting a procedure that completely and permanently deletes all settings, files, applications, text messages, etc. , which are present on the smartphone. After this procedure, the device returns as if it were the first time you turn it on so that you have to configure it again.

To perform the Hard Reset on Honor 10 there are, as we shall see, two procedures, one using the operating system menu, the other using the volume control key and the power button. These are two ways to achieve the same goal, so simply choose the one you prefer or the one you can do.

As mentioned, the hard reset is irreversible and once started must not be interrupted, so that it is recommended to start this procedure only with the battery charged or, for safety, with the smartphone connected to the power outlet. The formatting lasts a few minutes and then you can start using your smartphone easily as if it had just been purchased.

Hard Reset Honor 10 Procedures

Let’s find out in detail what are the steps to perform the Hard Reset on the Honor 10 with both procedures, either through the menu or through physical buttons.

The first method – Operating system menu

  • The smartphone must be switched on;
  • From the Home screen go to the Settings menu;
  • Select the Advanced settings item;
  • Select Backup and Restore;
  • Press on Factory data reset;
  • Select the Reset phone item;
  • Confirm by pressing again on Reset phone;
  • Wait until the procedure ends in order to have the Honor 10 as new.

Second method – Physical keys

  • The smartphone must be turned off;
  • Press and hold the Power key and the Volume up key ;
  • When the manufacturer’s logo appears, release the keys;
  • In the EMUI menu, use the volume keys to scroll to the wipe data/factory reset entry, then confirm by pressing the power button once;
  • Select wipe data/factory reset and confirm again;
  • Press on the Reboot system now entry and confirm;
  • Wait for the procedure to finish.
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