How to Make WhatsApp Auto Reply Without WA Business (WhatsApp Business)

Auto Reply Whatshapp
Auto Reply Whatshapp

WhatsApp’s auto-reply feature to automatically reply to WhatsApp messages is currently only available for WA Business users. However, you can enjoy WhatsApp’s autoreply feature with a few tricks.

You can use WhatsApp auto-reply or WhatsApp autoresponder or automatic chat reply on WA for free without installing a bot application or WhatsApp Business.

Well, for those of you who are not using WhatsApp Business or are currently installing an autoresponder bot application but are eager to use the WA autoreply feature to reply to automatic messages on WhatsApp, you can try the following methods.

How to set WhatsApp Autoreply or reply to WhatsApp messages automatically

Chat on whatsapp without coming online
Chat on whatsapp without coming online

Here are the steps on how to use WhatsApp Auto Reply (WhatsApp Auto Responder or Reply to WhatsApp Messages Automatically):

Download and install the GBWhatsApp application

  • To use WhatsApp auto-reply without WA Business, you can use the MOD application, such as GBWhatsApp.
  • Please download the GBWhatsApp Latest Version application here.
  • If the download process is complete, install the application like how to install other APKs.

Open the GBWhatsApp application, then click Agree and Continue

  • In the following steps, please open the GBWhatsApp application.
  • Click the Agree and Continue button to open the login process to the application.

Log in using the cellphone number that has been registered to WhatsApp

  • Then you will be taken to the login page, as logged in the WhatsApp application.
  • Please enter your cellphone number in the Verify Your Number column.
  • Then click the Next button.
  • If asked to enter a verification code, please check and enter the verification code sent via SMS.

Select the GB Settings menu

  • Click the Three Dots icon in the upper-right corner of the screen.
  • Then select the GB Settings menu.

Select the Auto Reply Message option, then tap the Plus (+) icon

  • Next, please click the Auto Reply Message option.
  • Then click the Plus button, which is located in the lower-left corner.

Fill in the WhatsApp autoreply text message in the Auto-Reply Message column

  • In the following steps, please write the words of the WhatsApp auto-reply message.
  • An example of WhatsApp auto-reply that you can write is “Sorry, I’m in a meeting. This is an automatic message, your message will be replied to as soon as possible” or “Sorry slow response sis, please wait! I’m single” or “Sorry slow response, messages will be replied to as soon as back online.”

Set Receiver and Specific Times

  • Next, you need to set who will receive this automatic reply message. Can select Groups, Contacts or Both (both)
  • You also need to set the start and end times for this WhatsApp autoreply feature to run. Please adjust the Start Time and End Time options.

Apart from that, you can also set other advanced settings—kinds of Specific Contacts / Groups and Except Contacts/Groups. If you think it’s not necessary, please proceed to the next step.

Tap the Add button, then turn on Auto Reply Message

  • In the next step, please tap the Add button at the bottom.
  • The final touch, activate WhatsApp’s Auto Reply Message feature by activating the toggle next to it.
  • Done.

Well, now your WhatsApp autoreply or autoresponder feature has been activated. Of course, this feature will reply to messages automatically every message that comes in your WA.

The GBWhatsApp alternative to get the WhatsApp auto-reply feature, you can try using the third-party application below.

Best WhatsApp Auto Reply Application

As a regular WhatsApp user (WhatsApp Official) who wants to get the WhatsApp feature, you can reply to automatic messages. Even if you don’t register as a WhatsApp Business account, you can try with the help of the following third-party applications.

1. Auto Reply for whats – AutoRespond Bot

As the name suggests, the Auto-Reply for whats – AutoRespond Bot application can help you to send chat replies automatically.

Whether it’s to individuals, groups, clients, and others. As well as a large list of other features that you can enjoy for free. Even so, to enjoy its full features, you must subscribe to the premium account.

Interested in trying it? Click here to download and install via the Play Store.

2. AutoResponder for WhatsApp

One more WhatsApp auto-reply bot application that you need to try. This application is called AutoResponder for WhatsApp, created by TK Studio.

With this application, you can give automatic responses to WhatsApp or WA Business messages that you receive. The settings for this feature are also quite complete.

Starting from being able to send replies to certain messages, welcome messages for new chats, replacement answers (time, name, and others), and can be run and enabled for personal contacts, groups, unknown numbers, and various other features.

This application also offers Pro use for more complete features. Click here to install this application on an Android smartphone.

3. WhatsAuto – Auto Reply App

You can also rely on an application called WhatsAuto from Bringan Apps to an autoresponder or autoreply all types of WhatsApp messages you receive.

With this application, you can also choose to whom you want to send WhatsApp messages automatic replies whether it’s in personal contact or a certain group.

Interestingly, this application has added a “Driver Mode” feature. This feature will detect you while driving and driving, then handle all messages by notifying you that you are currently driving.

Interested? You can install this application on your Android device (for users of Samsung Galaxy, Xiaomi, Vivo, Oppo, Realme, Redmi, Poco, etc.) via the Play Store. Click here.

For the record, the above applications are not affiliated with WhatsApp. That way, the risks posed by using this application are not the responsibility of WhatsApp or TechVaz. Because we only inform you, the decision to use it or not use it fully is your choice and responsibility.

The final word

For online businesses who use WhatsApp as a line of communication with customers, of course, the WhatsApp auto reply chat feature is very important to implement. So that the stalls and services look more professional, well, you can apply some of the options for how to activate WhatsApp messages autoreply above.



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