How To Make Your Android Phone Safe For Children?


Preventing children from tampering with your Android phone is now vital.

If your mobile device is exposed to anyone without the skills and knowledge to use it, it can eventually damage your phone.

Kids, as we now, are innocent, so they can mistakenly get rid of files or even do and undo with your data in your absence.

Fortunately for us all though, there are ways to make it safe for them to use.

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How Can I Make My Android Phone Safe For Kids?

1. Create A Different User Profile For Your Kids

Because several user profiles can be created with limited access to your Android device, create one user profile for the kid. To get that done, head to Settings, tap users, and you can view “Add User To Profile.” Several user profile types will be visible – regular and limited, you are allowed to create a limited account or a regular one, which will in turn aid the creation of Applications and content limitation screens. You can even ensure only specific apps are stored there.

2. Block In-app Purchases In Play Store

Children can mistakenly get into the play store and make in-app purchases on your behalf. Therefore it is best to always ensure the in-app purchases are restricted on your Android device before handing it over to them. To get this done, head to the Play store, access Settings, then User Control and the media based limitation will be limited this way. You are even allowed to block the app purchases right there as well.

3. Disable Installation From Unknown Sources

Installation of certain software can happen when the kids are in control so it is best to disable. By so doing, Android will not be exposed to any kind of security threat. To get that done, head to Settings, then tap “Security” and then tap “Untick Unknown Sources.”

4. Use Toddler Lock Application

Beautiful graphics and smooth sounds in a child lock are amazing to distract your child and keep him or her entertained. When they are distracted, they will not be able to make calls or launch other applications that can affect your device negatively. Colors and shapes can even be taught to the children this way. When the app is active, you can put your device on Airplane Mode. By so doing, your child will not be irritated.

5. Some Applications Can Be Locked With Some Apps

Application Lock is the most appropriate solution to ensure your privacy is top notch. App Lock Android application can make that happen.

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6. Parental Control Applications

These apps can be accessed on Google Play Store and they ensure your device is very safe for children. Some of the best Parental Control Apps are:

  1. Google Family Link for Parents This assists in establishing digital ground regulations and will even aid your kids to explore, play and learn online. It helps you to make healthy decisions and manage your applications and activity.
  2. Kids Place It was developed for mums and dads that control the activity and the screen time of the kids. It limits the applications and will even prevent blocks purchases from Google Play Store.
  3. Safe Family It aids you to know the history of the application usage and block purchases as well. It assists in mobile tracking and activity location details too.


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