How To Monitor Your Sleep With The Apple Watch

Monitor Sleep With Apple Watch
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We have been using Apple Watch for about 5 years ago and it has an edge over its rivals, its sleep tracking ability. You are right if you say your Apple Watch cannot track your sleep, but it actually can, via the use of a 3rd-party application.

In fact, the arrival of watchOS 7 very soon will mean users never have to track your sleep with any app ever again. Also, Apple Watch sleep tracking works differently to what you might be used to, as it reveals your several sleep phases in ways you do not expect.

Apple will break down how time you spent in bed, and how much of that period was spent on sleeping. The tech giant is not focusing on sleep monitoring alone, Apple also aims to give you a system that will aid you to prepare for sleep properly. See How To Monitor Your Sleep With The Apple Watch:

How Can I Monitor Sleep With Apple Watch In watchOS 7?

Automatic sleep tracking will be launched on Apple Watch when watchOS 7 is unveiled soon. See how it works:

  • You will have to set up your preferred bedtime under “Sleep” in the Health app.
  • On the next display, you can set your requirements for how long you would want to sleep.
  • After that, set when bedtime starts and when you want to wake up.
  • You can also adjust the automatic alarm clock.
Monitor Sleep With Apple Watch
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The system will not just assign your sleep times, it also allocates relaxation time before you jump in bed to help you calm your nerves. With Siri Shortcuts, you can link this to your bedtime routine for your iPhone to adjust the lighting, play appropriate songs and even open books in the “Books” application.

When your bedtime starts, your device will be switched into sleep mode. The lock screen brightness will be lowered and “Do Not Disturb” will be enabled.

Monitor Sleep With Apple Watch
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At night, your Watch display will be dimmed, therefore you will only be able to view the present time and when your alarm is set for. Vital features such as “raise to wake” will be deactivated, therefore you will not be woken up if you moved your hand and your watch screen came on.

You can easily check data in the Sleep application on your Watch and in the Health application on your iPhone.

Monitor Sleep With Apple Watch
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If you are bothered about the consequences this will have on your battery life, you can decide to set your Watch to inform you 60 minutes before sleeping if the battery is lesser than thirty percent. Therefore, you should plug it in for a while before going to bed. This should not be a problem, anyway, because Apple Watches will be able to get about 24 hours worth of charge in just 30 minutes.

You are done.


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