How To Nickname A Contact On iPhone or iPad


One amazing benefit of adding a nickname to contact is that it makes it easier to call or message them, am I talking thought? To make it clearer, have you ever tried calling someone but where the problem lies is that you can not actually remember the name you used to store the contact on your phone, searching for this name can take you several minutes or even hours to get it, at times you end up calling the wrong person.

To throw more light on, if you want to forward a message to your mother, instead of passing the stress of searching your mothers name, you can just go with “mum” easier to reach, not only for family members, it also extends to others, that plumber or electrician’s number you use every day, instead of saving the contact with their names which you might easily forget at any time, save your self the stress and just save it with either “Plumber” or ”Electrician”. Nicknaming a contact might seem to be easy ordinarily but you can not ascertain how easy it is until you use it. Based on this, in this article, we will vividly explain “how you can nickname your contact”.

Tips On How To Enable Nicknames

The first thing you will do is to make sure your iPhone or iPad is set to prefer nicknames where they are available. Secondly, go to “settings” and click on “contacts”, after that, click on “short name”. Once that is done, the resulting screen will show you the list of options mind you, make sure the “prefer the nickname” is turned on.

How To Nickname A Contact

Since the nickname is enabled, the next thing remaining is to assign a nickname to a contact. To do that

Step 1– Open the contact app and select the name you want to attach a nickname.

Step 2– Secondly, click on “Edit”

Step 3– Scroll down a bit and click on “Add field”

Step 4– Click on “Nickname”

Step 5– Lastly insert the nickname you want to use and click “Done”. Indeed you have successfully added a nickname to your contacts.

Tips On How To Remove A Nickname from Your Contact On Your iPhone or iPads

Is very possible that one might decide to either change or remove a nickname from his contacts completely, maybe the nickname has been changed(i.e the person you saved the nickname with, no longer bears that nickname) or maybe you realize that he or she doesn’t like to be addressed by such nickname, as such, you decided to remove that nickname from your contact. If that is the case, what will you do? Will you adamantly leave that contact with that nickname like that? Many find it hard to remove a nickname from their contact, check if these tips and guideline will help you remove a nickname from your contact completely.

Step 1: open the phone application.

Step 2: take your cursor to “ contact” and click on that contact you want to remove

Step 3– click on “Edit”

Step 4– the “Edit” button you clicked will now enable you to delete the nickname

Step 5: click “Done”. Automatically, you have successfully removed a nickname from your contact.


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