How To Pair Google Pixel Buds With Your iPhone?

GoogleBudsreal 750x400 1
GoogleBudsreal 750x400 1

Google released the Pixel Buds two years ago, October to be precise. They come with the Google Assistant and they possess a native Google Translate support, which makes them attractive to Google users.

If you are an iPhone owner and you wish to pair it with a pair of Pixel Buds, the manual route can make that happen because the Fast Pair feature works only for Android owners. In this tutorial, we will highlight the setup process and even touch on some important tips.

The Setup

The manual setup will take more of your time than the Fast Pair route, but you will be enjoying your fresh Pixel Buds in no time. See below for how you can connect your iPhone with your new earbuds:

  • If you are yet to, unpack your earbuds. Take off the protective film if you see one before moving on to the next step.
  • Immediately you remove the protective film, leave the buds in and close the case. It is vital to charge the buds for sometime before the setup, this is even more compulsory if they are brand new. You have to charge them for 10 minutes, at least, and that will make things set for the setup. If your buds are not brand new, check the battery status. If one pulsing orange indicator is visible, the power level is too low and your buds cannot pair with your iOS device. Have them charged until the orange LED turns to white. The white LED should pulse too. Google warns new users to read the official safety guide so they can be sure that they are charging their earbuds properly. This information can also be found in the printed guide you will see in the Pixel Buds packaging.

How Can I Reset My Google Pixel To Its Factory Settings?

  • When your Pixel Buds are properly charged, enable the Bluetooth on your iPhone. Click the Settings application on your smartphone’s home screen. Click on the Bluetooth section. Lastly, click on the slider switch close to the Bluetooth option to activate it.

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  •  A list of available devices will be seen immediately Bluetooth is up and running. Check the list for the Pixel Buds and click on them. Hold on for a while for the devices to pair.

How To Reconnect Your Buds?

If your iPhone and Pixel Buds lose connection at any point in time, there are ways to have them reconnected. If they are in your ears, you can double-tap the right one. Are they are inside their carrying and charging case? open it and remove the buds, then click the right bud twice.

If the buds and the phone are still not connected, you can reset Bluetooth or restarting the phone and the buds.

Multiple Connections

One set of Pixel Buds can be paired with about 8 devices. For connection to another phone or any Bluetooth-enabled device, adhere to these instructions:

  1. Have your Pixel Buds placed in their charging case.
  2. When the green LED is visible, press and hold the button within the case for 3 seconds. This will have the buds switched to the pairing mode.
  3.  Enable Bluetooth on the device you wish to sync with your Pixel Buds with and pair both devices.

You can switch between the devices seamlessly. This is how:

  1. Access the Bluetooth menu on the device you intend to switch to.
  2. Scan for available devices.
  3. Choose “Pixel Buds” from the list.
  4. Your Pixel Buds will automatically connect to that device.

How To Disable Them?

There are 2 ways to make this happen. The easy way is to click the right bud thrice. This gesture can be used to wake them up. A different method can be used though. See the instructions to follow below:

  1. Open the Settings application from your iPhone’s Home screen.
  2. Head to the Bluetooth section of the menu.
  3. Browse the list of devices and click on the Pixel Buds’ info button.
  4. Click “Disconnect.”


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