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How To Permanently Delete Any File On PC

We will be showing you how to permanently delete any file on PC without the need of an external software. If your PC is running on any version of the windows OS, then you most know by now that whenever you delete a file. It goes straight to the recycle bin. What if i told you that even if you deleted it from the recycle bin. It still stays on your hard drive ? I bet you did not know that.

This is why we have so many recovery software out there that boast of helping you recover your deleted files. Where in fact they just bring the file back from underneath to the surface for all to see. While this might be good for those who mistakenly deleted their files. Some others might just want some things to stay deleted when they delete it.

Permanently Delete any file on PC

Although, i guess that was why windows put the recycle bin in place so when you delete a file and still go ahead to delete it a again from the recycle bin then you really want the file to stay deleted. However, you will have to delete it one more time if you want it to stay that way and not recovered by unwanted persons.

There are several software that can be used to achieve this but why use a third party app or software when you can use Windows very own Cipher through PowerShell formerly known as Command Prompt on older version of windows. With this task and automation management framework Microsoft have put into their OS. You can access Cipher and Task it with deleting those already deleted files.

However, to be able to use this software fully, you will have to be able to understand a little scripting language. Which we will teach you a little bit of in this article.

How To Permanently Delete Any File On PC

⚫ First you have to Power On Your PC.

Right Click On Your Start Menu ( Also know as the Windows Logo at bottom left corner of the screen)

⚫ Select PowerShell or Command Prompt from the Options depending on the version of your Windows OS.

⚫ Now Type this cipher /w:C: and hit Enter.

This process might take a while so if you want to delete a deleted file in a particular folder you can simply point cipher in the right direction. So instead of cipher /w:C: you can, for example type cipher /w:C:|Users|David|Videos

Note – The David up there is to be changed to your PC Name while the Videos is to be changed to the folder from which you deleted a file.

This will properly and permanently delete all the deleted files on your PC.

This process above is for Windows 8, 8.1 and 10 users.

Windows 7, XP and Vista users will have to Click on Start Menu >> All Programs >> Accessories >> Command Prompt.
When you get to the Command Prompt then input the code in the last step.


This process is a must know for those that deal with sensitive information on their PC, so as to make sure that when a confidential or sensitive file is deleted. It stays that way and not dug up by anybody that gets their hand on their PC.

Now that you have learnt how to permanently delete any file on PC and also learn a little scripting language on the side. You can go ahead and really delete those files you do not want people to recover in the future.

For those who might not always remember the code, there softwares that can do this for with just a push of button.

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