How to play Crash Bandicoot on PC [Windows and MAC]

It has recently been released, but would you like to play Crash Bandicoot on Windows PC or MAC? Ok, so let’s see how to download and install Crash Bandicoot on your Windows PC or MAC. Crash Bandicoot, one of the most popular characters of the second half of the 90s, is back with a new game for iOS and Android inspired by Temple Run.

Crash Bandicoot- On the Run! is the new game developed by King, which takes us back to one of the craziest video game characters. For many of us who grew up on the Playstation, Crash Bandicoot has had some influence; This flamboyant character was the equivalent of Mario or Sonic for the Sony console, and he never got to have a real mascot like the competition. In Italy, where the Playstation triumphed, Crash has been very successful.

After the first three titles (and a good Mario Kart clone), Crash Bandicoot has become cross-platform and has lost some of its essences, including its original developers. But it all comes back, and in 2024 and 2018 Crash is back with the N.Sane Trilogy, a remake of the original games.

Crash Bandicoot- On the Run! not only is it a new chapter in the saga in development (the fourth, ignoring the games of the PS2 era), but it will also feature its own mobile game.

Crash Bandicoot was announced today as a new title for iOS and Android; we are therefore faced with a mobile game that adapts the gameplay based on the platform of the original titles to the mobile format.

Maybe we shouldn’t be surprised then that the game is a runner; this genre became popular with Temple Run, simplifying the touchscreen controls for cell phones.

Crash Bandicoot- On the Run! it will be free, following the Free-to-play format; therefore, we can expect micropayments of some kind. Now we can register on the official website; if we have Android, the game is already in the Play Store to sign up, and we will soon find it on the App Store, very soon.

How to play Crash Bandicoot on Windows PC and MAC

But if you are reading this article it is because you want to play Crash Bandicoot- On the Run! on your Windows PC or MAC. It’s better to play on the bigger screen of your PC, instead of having to lose sight of the small screen of your phone.

  1. First of all, you need to download the Bluestacks emulator from here.
  2. Then, you need to install it on your computer following the instructions on the screen.
  3. You need to enter your Google account.
  4. After successfully installing the BluceStacks emulator on your computer, write Crash Bandicoot- On the Run! in the search box and then click on the search button.
  5. Click on the install option and wait for the game to install.
  6. Now, you are ready to play Crash Bandicoot- On the Run! on PC.

If you don’t want to use or don’t have your own Google account on the emulator, then type it in the address bar on your browser- Crash Bandicoot- On the Run! apk.

Once you find and download the APK file of Crash Bandicoot on your computer, click with the right mouse button on open with, and choose the name of the emulator just installed. Easy isn’t it?

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