How To Play iMessage Games On iPhone With Your Contacts

It does not just help with sending ApplePay transactions and making Memojis, the keyboard in your iPhone’s Messages application also allows you to play games with your contacts. Just ensure your iOS device is updated to iOS 11 or higher, and you are good to go.

It should be updated except you have been ignoring updates since three years ago, which would be rare. Users are allowed to download several iMessage games to play with their friends. The games are not complicated and are developed to be enjoyed turn-by-turn. Just take your turn, hold on for your contact to also take a turn, and everything continues from there. It basically goes down via iMessage texts. See How To Play iMessage Games On iPhone With Your Contacts:

How Can I Play iMessage Games On My iPhone?

  • Launch the Messages application on your device and click or search for the contact you wish to play with.
  • Swipe through the options above your keyboard until you see the App Store icon. Click it.

Play iMessage Games On iPhone

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  • This will grant you access to a unique version of the App Store that exclusively reveals extensions for the iMessage application. They are mostly stickers, however, if you swipe down, you will see a sector named “iMessage Games We Love.” Click “See All” close to that title.

Play iMessage Games On iPhone

  • You will be shown a complete list of the games available for iMessage. Every one comes with its own page where photos, clips and other info about the game can be seen. Browse and locate one that you might fancy.
  • As soon as you find one that you wish to download, click “Get” close to its icon and download it the same way you download any other application.

Play iMessage Games On iPhone

  • Click “X” in the top-right corner to quit the App Store and head back to the iMessage screen.
  • Beneath your keyboard, swipe through the icons until you locate the game application you downloaded. Click it.
  • This will grant you access to a menu where you will be able to personalize the game you play alongside your contact. After choosing the game type, it will be immediately loaded into your keyboard, as if you are sending a picture.
  • Your game will show “Delivered,” as a message, click wherever on the message to start your round.


Play iMessage Games On iPhone

  • When you are done with your turn, wait for your friend to play.
  • Anytime your opponent completes their turn, you will get a text from them with the game preview. Click it to open the game again and start your next turn.

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  • Play the game until you are done. Games like basketball will have just a few rounds, but others like chess will go on for longer periods. When you are done with the game, you can click “Play Again” from inside the game or send an invitation the same way you did before.

That is that.

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