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How To Record A Zoom Meeting On Any Device

As you already know, recording a Zoom meeting is very important for those who were not able to attend the meeting live. It is also useful when the meeting is very long and you have to return to it for minor details you might’ve missed.

For those who are not aware, it is actually possible to record a Zoom meeting for free on the desktop application, or with a paid subscription on the mobile app. The host of the meeting simply has to grant you permission to record, and this will have to be arranged in settings beforehand. To make it happen right now, see How To Record A Zoom Meeting On Any Device:

How Can I Record A Zoom Meeting In The Desktop App?

Before you partake in the meeting and you begin to record, you’ll have to ensure your file is saved in the right folder on your desktop.

Under “Home, in the Zoom application, tap the little gear icon in the upper-right corner. Then choose “Recording” and select the folder where you wish to save recordings.

Record Zoom Meeting
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To record a Zoom meeting:

  1. Tap “Record” way down on the screen when the meeting is ongoing. Be aware that this button will not be visible if your host hasn’t authorized recording.
  2. A little “Recording…” label will be visible in the upper-left corner. You are allowed to pause or stop the recording with the controls on the bottom toolbar.
  3. Tap “Stop” to end the recording when you are done.
  4. Your recorded clip will be stored on your PC, and can be located in the “Recorded” tab under “Meetings.” in the application.
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Record Zoom Meeting
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You’ll also be able to rename your files as you want and send them to someone else through email. Some versions of the Zoom app will even save the audio and video separate from one another if you need to send one at a time.

How Can I Record A Zoom Meeting In The Mobile App?

If you are a Zoom member and you own a Pro, Business, or Enterprise account, it is very possible to record meetings in the mobile app.

These recordings will not be local recordings, which are regularly stored directly onto your device. Rather, they will be cloud recordings, which get stored in an online folder also known as “The Cloud.”

To Record A Zoom Meeting With Cloud Recording:

  • Launch the Zoom application on your iPhone or Android device and join a meeting. During the meeting, click the three dots in the bottom-right corner.
Record Zoom Meeting
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  • From the menu that will be visible, choose “Record to the Cloud” (iOS) or “Record” (Android). If this option is not visible, it is because you do not have a paid Zoom account.
  • The meeting will start recording and a “Recording…” icon will pop up in the top-right corner. You can click the icon to stop or pause the recording.
  • As soon as you stop the recording, you can locate and share it by heading to “My Recordings” on the Zoom site. Your recorded meeting will also be accessible on the desktop app by heading to “Meetings” and tapping “Recorded” on the top-left side.
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That is that.

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