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How To Register Your New Car In Nigeria

At times, information on how to register a car in Nigeria or how to get car registration plates are not easily accessible on the internet. Not to worry though, because we’ll do our bit to change that in this tutorial since, as you already know, all cars have to be registered before they’ll be allowed to go on the road.

It is common knowledge that it is very dangerous to drive a vehicle that is not registered, except you’re ready for a ruined day by government officials from time to time. In fact, it is against traffic rules and regulations, and the consequences for violations are usually very severe and uncomfortable.

Having said that, registering a car in Nigeria can be quite tasking. The process is known to be stressful and time-consuming, and most times, you end up meeting an inconvenient long line of applicants at the FRSC office. However, the worst-case scenario is heading to that office, staying there for hours and ending up tendering the wrong documents. Let’s break down the process by showing you How To Register Your New Car In Nigeria:

Register New Car Nigeria
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Documents Needed For Vehicle Registration In Nigeria:

To ensure you never have to head back to the registration certificate centre one more time, all documents have to be ready at once. See the list of papers required:

From The Company You Bought The Vehicle:

  1. Letter of attestation.
  2. Delivery note.
  3. Receipt of purchase or invoice.
  4. Vehicle ownership proof.

Your Own Identification Papers:

  1. A valid updated driver’s license.
  2. National identity card or International passport.
  3. Utility bills which show proof of the present residential address.
  4. Passport photographs.

If the car you are registering is imported, prepare the following:

  1. Tax Identification number.
  2. Clearance papers gotten from customs.
  3. Duty certificate of the car.

Procedure Of FRSC Vehicle Registration In Nigeria?

As soon as the documents are ready, adhere to the instructions below:

  • Head to State Board of Internal Revenue or Motor Licensing Authority.
  • Fill the form “Allocation of plate number” carefully.
  • Ensure the form is submitted together with all the needed documents.
  • Wrap up the application package- Once the authorities check your paper, you will be given these forms to fill:
  1. Allocation of the registration number of new vehicle
  2. License form of auto vehicle
  3. Form B (just a name, never mind)
  4. FRSC/Federal Road Safety form
  5. Tax form. The application package will then be forwarded and verified by a policeman in the licensing office. Once approved, it will be stamped and date of verification will be added.
  • Pay for the license plate- The normal number plate goes for around N12,500 while the fancy option costs about N80,000. However, several drivers have said that they were asked to pay close to N50,000 for theirs, therefore it will be wise to clarify the amount you’ll pay in a specific region to know for sure.
  • Tender the receipt of payment and take the newly assigned plate number. Other documents given are, Proof of Ownership Certificate, Proof of Ownership Certificate Number and VIT or Vehicle Identification Tag.
    Retrieve all original documents you submitted. Check carefully to make sure nothing is missing.
  • Purchase a vehicle insurance policy for your new vehicle.
Register New Car Nigeria
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How Can I Register My New Car In Lagos?

  1. A valid driver’s license
  2. Insurance papers
  3. Insurance policy number
  4. ID document- national identity card or international passport
  5. Proof of current address
  6. Proof of car ownership
  7. Tax identification number
  8. Custom papers (required for imported vehicles).

That is that.

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