How To Remotely Control One Android Device With Another

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Tech Guide

If you ever thought it was impossible to remotely control one Android Device with another then you would need to think again. You can most definitely remotely control one Android device with another. There are a lot of apps that you can use to achieve this on your Android device. Most of which are free and very easy to use.

The App we are going to be using in this tutorial is arguably the most popular when it comes to controlling an Android device without another device. The app is called TeamViewer and it is free to download on the Google play store. With TeamViewer, you can Remotely control one Android device with another. That’s not all, you also move files from any of the connected Devices to the other, access full keyboard functions etc. Other Features of TeamViewer are listed below.

Features Of TeamViewer Remote Control App

  • Full access to keyboard functions.
  • Top notch security.
  • Transfer videos effortlessly both ways ( From any of the devices to the other)
  • Intuitive touch controls and gestures among others.

How To Remotely Control One Android Device With Another

Setting up TeamViewer on your Android device is a very easy process. First, you have to get hold of the two phones involved; Alpha Device (The Android device you would like to use to control the other Android device) and The Beta Device (The Android device being controlled by the Alpha device). Once you have both phones, you can go ahead and follow the below steps.

Now you can control the Beta Device using your Alpha device remotely as long as both apps are still installed on both phones. If the TeamViewer Quick Support App gets uninstalled from the Beta Device, then the Alpha device won’t be able to control it anymore.

You might need to download some extra plug-ins in order to get it working on some phones. In that case, you’ll be directed to download the necessary plug-ins needed for it to function from the Google play store.


Thanks to TeamViewer, you can now remotely control on Android device with another. There is also a TeamViewer software for controlling One PC with another PC. If you’ve got any questions concerning the TeamViewer Remote Control app or you are having problems setting yours up. Simply let us know using the comment section down below so we can help.


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