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How to remove license verification from an Android application with Lucky Patcher

Do you want to use Android premium apps for free? Now it is possible to remove the license verification of the applications and games you want! All you need is a small Android application called Lucky Patcher. It is very easy to use the application. But remember that you must root your Android smartphone to eliminate the verification of applications or games licenses.

How to remove license verification with Lucky Patcher:

Stage 1:

Root your Android device to start the process. You have to root your device to start. There are a lot of Root Tutorials can be found on the Internet, you can also watch YouTube video tutorial on how to root your android. But remember, the root process will be different on each smartphone. So look with your phone model for the root tutorial.
Stage 2:

Download Lucky Patcher APP from our website and install it on your Android device.
Stage 3:

Open the Android Lucky Patcher app.

After opening the lucky patch you will see that the application will load all installed applications on your device.

Now select the application that you want to remove the license verification.

Stage 4:

You will see a menu with different options. Then select the menu “Open patch menu” to continue.

Stage 5:

In that menu, press the “Remove license verification” button

Now you will see another menu with different options to remove the license verification. Select or deselect the patch you want.

Now press the Apply button to patch the application.

Wait a while to get the results.

Stage 6:

You will get successful results with details. Congratulations! Now you have removed the license verification of your desired Android application or game.

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