How To Report Road Incidents In Google Maps On Your iPhone?


Google Maps has lots of users as opposed to Apple Maps and it is even getting better. Recently, Google launched a fresh feature that will allow users to report road incidents directly from the application on iOS devices.

This feature was released on Android devices early this year but iPhone users will be able to join in the fun at last. Google will also let users report 4 new kinds of incidents on both iPhone and Android. These incidents are Construction, Lane closures, Disabled vehicles and Objects on the road.

These options, crashes, speed traps and slowdowns will now afford Google Maps users the opportunity to report slow traffic flow to the app. Google will then use the info, traffic speed and other data to know where slowdowns are occurring, which will help other drivers to stay away.

However, before you can submit your report, you must have the latest Google Maps update (version 5.29 or later on iOS, 10.27.2 or later on Android). Let’s break down How To Report Road Incidents In Google Maps?:

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How Can I Report Road Incidents With My Google Maps?

  1. Launch Google Maps and plot a route.
  2. Under the mic symbol, 4 buttons would be visible. They are, search (the magnifying glass), mute (the speaker icon), compass lock (the compass needle) and finally the button for reporting traffic incidents (a dropped location pin with a + sign in it.) Click the location pin icon.
  3. On the menu you will see way down on your screen, click the kind of road hazard you wish to report.
  4. You will have around 3 seconds to have a rethink, or you can click “Confirm” to halt the timer and submit the report instantly.
  5. After that, a hazard warning should be pinned to your location on the map. A symbol that stands for the problem and a number which indicates how many other users have reported it would also be seen. For instance, if you are the second user to report a car accident, you should see a damaged vehicle symbol close to “2 reported.”

That is that.


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