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How To Reset Your Hisense Smart TV

Owners of a Hisense Smart TV already know how important resetting it once in a while is important. As most people already know, when this television set fails to work as it should, a reset is needed asap to fix whatever problem it might be having.

However, even if Hisense Smart TV is more like any other smart TV available in the market, it comes with different functions. If you are not aware, the television set’s reset process is different from usual smart TVs, but we have you covered with the right instructions to adhere to. See How To Reset Your Hisense Smart TV:

Reset Hisense Smart TV
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How To Reset An Old Hisense Smart TV?

  • Press the “Exit” key on the remote and hold it for at least fifteen seconds.
  • Your Hisense TV factory reset menu will be visible.
  • Tap “OK” and power off the television.

After the resetting process is done, hold on for at least 20 seconds before turning ON the TV set again. Be aware that this method only works for 2013 or older Hisense TVs.

How To Reset Your New Hisense Smart TV?

If you own a 2014 Hisense Smart TV model or above, to reset it, you’ll need the original remote because generic remotes won’t get the job done. Just adhere to these instructions:

Reset Hisense Smart TV
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  • Press “Menu” on your Hisense Smart TV.
  • Select “Support” and press “Select” or “OK.”
  • Choose “Self Diagnosis” and press “OK.”
  • Select “Reset.”
  • Type in the security PIN to confirm.
  • Reset your Hisense Smart TV to factory settings.

If you have not added a security PIN, the default PIN for all Hisense Smart TVs is 0000. In case you changed the default PIN with a new one and can’t recall the numbers, contact the closest Hisense Smart TV representative around your area.

How To Reset Hisense Smart TV With No Remote?

If your Hisense Smart TV is not showing any screen, then there is no way you can use a remote to reset it. Fortunately for you, a soft reboot using your TV’s power cable can help; just adhere to these instructions:

  • Disconnect any external Hard Disk or USB cable.
  • Power off your Hisense Smart TV.
  • Unplug your TV’s Power cable.
  • Hold on for at least 120 minutes before plugging it in again.
  • Power ON your Smart TV.

That is that.

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