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A few weeks ago I told you the process by which you can return an app that you bought in the Apple App Store during a period that covers the first fourteen days after making the purchase. Well, today is the turn for users of smartphones and tablets Android, because also those who buy applications in the Google Play Store you can return your purchase and get a refund of the money paid. If you want to know how to carry out this process and, above all, the conditions imposed by the company for this, you should continue reading this post.

Return an app in the Play Store for Android

In the case of iOS, it was necessary to visit a special Apple page to report the problem we have with an application or cancel the purchase and recover our money. When we talk about the Google Play Store, the process is even simpler, although its requirements are more demanding.

If you want to return a purchased application (understand that you can not return an app that is free, just delete it from your device), you just have to access the Android application store itself and search for the application that you no longer want.

If everything works as it should, in the tab of the app you will find the classic Get button, but also a second button that says “Get refund”.

Press this second button and follow the on-screen instructions to cancel the purchase of the app and obtain the refund of the amount through the same means of payment that you used to acquire it. Now, you should know that you only have two hours after the purchase to make the return. Yes, you read it right. Unlike Apple that gives us a period of fourteen days, Google limits it to only a couple of hours. But that does not mean you can not get your money back after this ridiculous period.

In this situation, you should click on the option “Report a problem”. Then, click on “Claim a refund”. It will be then when you should explain the reasons why you want to make the return.

Then, you will have no choice but to wait for the decision made by Google, because, in effect, everything is in your hands.


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